Saturday, March 31, 2012

"It's The Water" At Ramlösa Brunn!

The water from this well is still in our opinion one of the BEST tasting bottled waters you can find anywhere.  It is.... Oh YES..   Delicious!

All the houses shown here are in Ramlösa Park.
We four, Ralle, David, Mister (though he waited for us in the car) and I visited here today as we have many times before.  Another favorite spot.

A ceramic vase made in Höganäs
Stories about the effects of this iron and mineral rich water dates back as far as 1675 and earlier..... King Karl XI's soldiers came to this well for Rest and Relaxation just as an example of recorded history.

Tales  abound about the healing effects this water has had on everything from scurvy, heart palpitations, kidney and liver ailments, parasites, "the shakes", jaundice, headaches and mental and manic imbalance not forgetting some of the ills of women from fainting spells  to menstruation.  With the exception of eye problems it seemed a virtual cure all.

Johan Jacob Döbelius (1674 - 1743) studied and researched the water at Ramlösa Well for it's healing effects from the year 1700.  The Spa was established in June 1707 and during the early 1700s grew in popularity until the hight of activity and demand during the 1800s.

In the beginning visitors who came to drink and bathe in the water would find a place to stay with the local and private population, until in the middle of the 1700s when the hotel and bath houses were built.

The Hotel
Guests in need of "the cure" came from near and far.

These activities continued until the end of the 1800s and at that time the water was again analyzed and found to be extremely rich in minerals.  A factory was built near the original well and sales of bottled water started.

Around 1920 more money was generated from  the sale of bottled water than from  the Spa and Bath facility and the upkeep became an economic drag.  More investment and energy was spent on the water export.
The bottled water was purchased by customers from Finland, England, Holland, France, Mesopotamia, Turkey, Syria, Palestine and Egypt.

Ralle drank and drank of this water today!  He, "The Beautiful One" should live forever!

As a footnote I might mention that from my recollection at family gatherings when I was growing up my Grandparents would have bottled water on the dining room table too.  But it was water from Vichy, France.  Is it not funny how we consumers have preferred "exotics" how even then we imported and exported WATER of all things, from far and away places.

We sold Ramlösa bottled water in our little Scandinavian section at Oakhurst Feed and I was especially thrilled to have it both to sell and for my/our own consumption.  Until my cousin pointed out how absurd I was not to drink my own water!  How right she was.  Somehow I did not think of it in those terms until she mentioned it.  We did of course drink our own water as well,  we had a fabulous well of our own in Mariposa.  The bottled water was a treat not an every day drink and be aware we did drink bottled water from California too, Calistoga water most often and Italy's Pellegrino as well.

Ralle meets a new friend

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