Friday, May 24, 2013

The Lizard The Cat and The BBQ Ribs

Mister Kitty discovered his first lizard just as we were heading out the gate.  The court yard has been made cat escape proof!  He has so much fun out there in the sun,

chasing bugs and flies.  Watching birds.  Having "stand offs" with other cats on the opposite side of the gate.  It's great.  He did not quite know what to make of this lizard however.  The lizard eventually dropped its' tail.  Was carried out to the common grounds in hopes he'd  find another place to live.

We were heading off to San Juan Bautistas annual BBQ Rib Cook Off, a big deal for that little town! We were not alone!

A year ago we were there with Ryan and Ralle...... hard to believe it has been a year!

This year it was the "other" part of our family who went, along with car buffs, bikers, loads of "just regular folks," and some "NOT so regular folks".

It is a fun festival, crowded, noisy, smokey, and with long lines at the food stands.

There is music,


some  dancing in the street,

and BBQ!

Eight different teams vying for the title of being THE BEST!  The best sauce, most tender, peoples favorite, verses the panel of judges......

It was a time to dress up,

or dress down,

lottery tickets to purchase, a Shelby to win,

Russian dolls to buy,

hand made rugs,

or a pillow ?

Just strolling down the street

checking out all the stands

and all that  finger licking !

All that sunshine!

All that pretty scenery!

All those fabulous fine dining accommodations

All those hard working cooks

and a well trained rooster, crossing the street at the cross walk mind you, who might be thinking; "man,  am I glad it is pork ribs they are cooking,  not chicken!"

Thursday, May 23, 2013

0ne Tomato Two Tomato Three Tomato Four...

Inaugural tomato "pickage" .... the first one!

Early March we purchased the first plants and stuck them in some really good dirt in big pots in our court yard.  A Cherry tomato, a Sun Gold, a Celebrity, and an Early Girl.  A week or so later,  we were given a well established  basic  tomato plant, another  Celebrity,  I found out. It had some tiny already formed  baby tomatoes.  The latter is the plant we are now harvesting!

Oh the joy!

There is, for me NO SUMMER without nasturtiums!  So I had to squeeze a few seeds into a couple of pots.  For color, to "pretty up" a salad, since it is such a pleasure to find a bit of peppery and bright flowers on ones plate,  one  of many ways I use and enjoy  them.  But MOST importantly,  nasturtiums make me think of my Auntie Helmi..... one of the most favorite people in my life.

This is actually tomato # 2
We gobbled up (or is it down) number one, in the beginning of the week.  A confession!

A REAL tomato, a bit of Wasa knäckebröd - crisp bread - hard tack - whatever you call it, a dab of butter, ( aka "glue")  since you need something to hold the tomato slices in place....

some  good salt, and a couple of grinds if cracked pepper.

Aaaaah heaven!  Summer!  May there be many tomatoes!  May the summer be long!

Monday, May 20, 2013

With Friends-Visits to San Juan Bautista and Carmel

Friendships!  Strong and long lasting.

Through ups and downs,

and  all the bumps in the road.

Through losses and sorrow,

new additions and JOY!

Neither distance nor time matters  ......

where real friendships exists.

 As a true old quote: "a true friend is a person who knows what you are saying, even if you are not talking".

Maud came to visit!  We have known each other, have been friends,  since we were eleven years old. Where did that time go? ..... Delightful to have my "bestest" here.  Happy girl I was!

Then there was a visit to the beach in Carmel.  A date with great friends from Mariposa.  We ladies met as members of a book club, we read books, met at each others house, had dinner, sipped on wine. Rarely did we discuss the books.  I loved those gatherings!  When I met this very special woman it was for me, one of those "instant connections"! Don't know exactly what is was.... it just WAS!

A meeting  takes only a moment, getting to know someone may take minutes,  hours, or days, sometimes longer......  Memories of every person one meets,  will last a life time.... however those memories take shape.

The meeting between Mene and Ralle had been long awaited. It was perhaps not met with the enthusiasm we had imagined. She, Mene,  reminds us of Una.

Sweet girl, loving the water from the river.  It was a beautiful day to spend with friends.

Birds up above, sea otters in the ocean......

Shelby shy and unlike most Labs not too keen about the water..

Friends, hot,  tired and wet!

Herbie!  Godavary's little "furrbie" also known as "the LOVE bug" 21 years old!  He was waiting for us at the cozy Carmel cottage.

This is the home of an artist, filled with  paintings, sculptures, symbols and masks ...... there is a crow or a raven on the wall ....... (NO I am not telling Ralle! hope he did not notice it!;-) )

The table is being loaded with goodies,

 a  delightful dinner is being prepared, with Herbie waiting for his share.  Food with FRIENDS always tastes better!

With tummies full,  this day is coming to an end, some of the friends are zonked while others nuzzle. What a great day!  How grateful we are to have sweet friends!