Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fog Dog Cat & Sick Of Being Sick

Finally -  after more than a week of unending coughing accompanied with fever and general nastiness I think I'm "on the mend".  Got myself some grapes finally and by golly I swear those grapes do the trick every time!

Ralle, David, and I had hoped to attend the PYS meeting in Malmö today hoping to hang out with some like minded Pyrenees loving people, but thought better of it.  Better not push a good thing too far.

With both Ralles and Miss Kittys imploring eyes upon me, better to stay low and not OD now.  There is another day tomorrow after all.

We all did brave a short outing in the fog

along with our beautiful dog

the adorable silly car crazy cat

with the mist hanging heavy all around us.  The wires crackling, swaying and dripping ....  connecting people to each other,

as we drive slowly through our neighborhood exploring new sights.

We come across this "gynormous" cat weather vane!  Have not seen anything like it before ....... it is huge!  They must like cats ^,,^ too.

Under the wires we go,  once more,  seemingly endless miles and miles of wire....

with our cute cat and beautiful dog, in the fog.

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