Saturday, June 20, 2015

A House Full of Swedes and a Ripe Tomato

Yes, in exactly that order.

They arrived, Photographer Maria Berg of "Allt Kan Grönska" fame and her family!  A group of people we knew nothing about other than via Facebook and a couple of sessions on Skype.  Some called us brave others called us insane and a few cheered.

Maria bringing her family on an American discovery tour.  Rekindling memories and experiences from her trip to the States long before her family came to be.  She had a desire to show her daughters and her husband the good, the bad and the in-between!  It will be interesting to hear what the end conclusions will be.  I just hope she will share their impressions with us.  Seeing the States with Swedish eyes today, verses then.

They started with having a desire to see San Francisco! So we were their first stop, the first leg!  They loaded up in our car early one morning and took off on  the city tour.  They saw the Golden Gate disappear in fog, checked out the trolleys, Fishermans Wharf and  they "did" Lombard Street among other things.  There was a trip scheduled to attend a podcast in Petaluma.  Along with a desire to see pelicans and seals in Monterey.  The pelicans were viewed as they flew above us, too far away to get proper pictures, but Maria did capture some nice frames and some  of smiling seals in the Monterey harbor.  The true hit however, was swimming at the cove by Lovers Point!  The girls able to use up some pent up energy!

There was a trip to Costco, a lunch at Chipotle, some had the opportunity to eat a REAL burger at In N Out!  Lucky them!  There were berries, pineapple and fresh melon to eat, orange juice to drink and food on the table and everyone seemed satisfied.

Presently the adventure has taken them to the corn fields in Iowa, then they fly off to Sin City aka Las Vegas with a bit of The Grand Canyon thrown in for good measure.  Those three experiences alone are about as far apart and as extreme as you can have it.  Completely and totally different worlds.  Let us see what they think?

It has been quiet since they left our house.  The beds put away.  The laundry done.  And we are back to our everyday routine.  Up next for us is a visit from our former neighbours (from Mariposa) and  ex coworker Russ and his bride of many, many years.  Then JQ will have a week end stop over before the month is over.

Many of "mine" go to Sweden for summer visits.  Maud and her entourage. The youngest grandchildren, along with their parents are going on their annual trek to visit the lucky Swedish Grandparents and other family members in Skåne and beyond. Gary and Kevin  are going to Sweden too.  The young men to be hosted by several of our family members.  My Sister, My Cousin and My Niece and their families.  We wish them all many happy memories!  Looking forward to hearing about their experiences.

While we stay here, enjoying our first ripe tomato with many more to follow!

Happy summer everyone!