Sunday, January 18, 2015

Garbo On the Go

After a more than full and fun end of December, the photographer, Garbo and I loaded  our "pic and pack" in to the car, taking off for an adventure to north west Washington State.

Mr Kitty helping us pack.

We were going to take a breather, loaf around, and do some sight seeing in the area.

Portland, Oregon

A house had been rented for a few days.  Hot tub included… a good place for the traditional year end bath for a true Viking.  No, let me take that back.  They did not have hot tubs.  Not as we know them anyway.

View from our deck.  Sequim Bay

Garbo the Super Travel Trouper was a good girl, for the most part!  Guess any trip shorter than from Sweden to the States is a "shortie" to her.  She snuggles into her back seat sling and for the most part we did not know she was back there.  She liked the hotel stays too!  Those beds are BIG and oh so comfy!


The scenery both on the way, with the exception of the boring flat part of northern California, as well  as up there on the majestic Olympic Peninsula is truly beautiful!  One gorgeous Mountain or mountain range after another, starting with Mount Shasta.

We enjoyed some ocean views, some bird sanctuaries, walked in a few wilderness parks, visited Poulsbo, a very charming old Norwegian town, did some shopping and of course made a few visits to dog parks.  What else might one wish for.

Glad to be back home.

We drank champagne, ringing in the New Year, had good food and enjoyed our time away from home.  The best part was returning home of course.  It is a delight to see how glad Mister Cat is to have Garbo back home and vice versa.

Friday, January 9, 2015

They Came From Far and Near

Yes, from the East Coast, from the North West, from the South and from the Bay, as well as from just seven minutes away!  The FAMILY gathered!

To celebrate Christmas, to share food and gifts, to laugh, to smile, to enjoy being together and to EAT!

We delighted in the presence of the unexpected two!  The young Seattle duo who called up and asked if there was room for two more at the table?  Having done a marathon drive to join us!  It was GREAT!

There was herring and lutfisk, ham and sausages, meatballs and ribs, sauces, sides and salads and all the other stuff that a Swedish Christmas makes!  We stuffed ourselves full, squeezing down some of the rice porridge that only Annika can make!

There were gleaming eyes and happy helpful people… eating fast, Santa was coming!  Can hardly make him wait!

Then the new electronic visit during the gift opening!  JQ and his Seattle group cheering us on, watching and commenting.  Oh, what fun!  This virtual addition to our gathering.

We all had a great time.