Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bloomin' Rosemary and April, April !

First a nice cup of coffee and a slice of toasted sour dough bread topped with creamy slices of avocado.  Followed by a long morning walk with Garbo around our Saturday morning quiet neighborhood.  Then a turn with the vacuum cleaner through our house, a job I almost detest.  Now time to jot down some of the months highlights, before those fade from memory.

As I walk those long walks often deep in thought, I have so many things I want to write down.  So many thoughts about so many things!  Where do they go when I need to bring those to the forefront?
These words written so that we, the Photographer and I, will have a record of "what and when" for the years to come.  Just for us and a few relatives and friends who care  enough to keep up with what we are up to now!  A bit like a diary.

March marched by as quick as a wink!  No, no less busy than the month before.

There was a Baby Shower.  Saint Patrick's Day, with the required American version of Irish food .

Lunch with a favorite Grandchild who introduces us to a young woman, his  delightful friend, who originally came from Russia.  Interesting conversations ensued.  There was Easter to prep for and Easter to celebrate.  Easter dinner prepared by the two "would be or should be" Chefs at Maria and Ray's.  A delectable feast of  among other things, Lamb Shanks, prepared so tasty that even I, who think Lamb tastes like old sweaters or wet socks, enjoyed it.

March was, as the month before, filled with dog park visits and exercise classes.  Bike rides and rain showers.  The countryside remains green and glorious with flowers and fruit trees in bloom all around.

We are looking forward to a fava bean harvest soon.  Beans planted by and plants cared for,  by Ray  who kindly supplies us with fresh veggies from his garden year around.  These beans were planted before Christmas and are now ready to be enjoyed in Fava Bean Soup, a precious and simple dish often prepared by my Grandmother during my childhood!

Lately we have been on a home baked bread kick.  Trying to avoid the bread from the market so loaded with sugars and preservatives that makes the store bought  bread stay fresh for months on end!  There is no doubt few things are as nice as taking a crusty loaf of bread out of the oven and slathering some real good butter on it and stuffing it into ones mouth.  Good bread!  Simple food!  A slice of a crunchy baguette would be great with a bowl of that Fava Bean Soup!

Now we wish for April Showers prolonging our green season!  It is time to spruce up the back deck, plant tomatoes and some bright colorful flowers!  Welcome SPRING!