Monday, January 30, 2012

Frozen Friends And Fronds

Brrrrr it got cold, yet what a beautiful morning.  Bright sunshine!  To celebrate we take off to feed our duck friends at the castle ponds at Krapperup.  They see us coming from far away.  Wonder if it is the Ralle dog they recognize.

The ducks had to "skate" to get to the morsels.

How can it be that their little feet don't freeze ?

My fingers did.

The photographers too.

He did manage to catch some nice images however.  You might like them too.

We all enjoyed our walk.  The ducks were glad we came.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

When Water Turns To Ice

That is when the cold has arrived. Unlike the last couple of winters the cold this time around was slow in coming.  It is also not nearly as COLD (so far) as it was last year....... can't say that we mind.  But it is far from over, the winter season.

The walks along the sea shore has a definite new look.  Stiff and stark.

Cold and dark.

The rocks wrapped in  "ice flowers".

The sea birds bobbing way off shore where the water is not yet frozen.

Ralle wishes for more snow, yet is happy with his walks whatever the weather ....

We get to tag along enjoying contact with many passers by, most of whom can not help stopping and greeting him.

with a smile a comment or a touch.

Back home we go after a long brisk outing.  Picking up some "Fat Tuesday Buns" to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee upon our return.  Realizing we should have walked twice as far and twice as fast to make up for the calorie in calorie out quotient............ but what the heck,

the cat is waiting !

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow and Stress

Shortly after our first sip of coffee early this morning it started to snow!  Nice fat juicy snow flakes.  As good Pyrenees "parents" we load the "kid" in the car and off we go to Svedberga Hill.  Ralle is in seventh heaven as any good Pyr would be.


After our walk we settle in for a planned calm, restful day.  To do a little reading, snoozing and photo editing ......... snuggling with the little Miss Kitty and gazing into those brown Ralle eyes as he likes to lay his head in my lap while I read.  Those big browns are hard to ignore, hard to resist.

Snow Angel
As always Miss Kitty is thrilled when we, especially her buddy comes home.  Starts flying around like a little banchee.....  What on earth ???  she is screeching and screaming, Ralle to the rescue, she is under the sofa, flies up the stairs JINGLING,  up on the bed, back down the stairs, going crazy.....

Well, I have HAD these beautiful fishing lures made by my Grandfather on display, need I say more? Don't ask, please don't even ask just know that somehow she has one of the hook prongs skewered through her upper lip.  She is terrified and so are we.  We finally catch the poor baby, investigate the situation and plan the strategy of fish hook removal.  David the man with some cool, runs to the tool box for the tool, no, needs a stronger plier/cutter, makes the trip again. Seems to me an eternity before he comes back to us.  I don't know who is trembling harder, Miss Kitty or I.  The HERO, the surgeon manages to cut the D....d thing off.  Miss Kitty purrs, my heart is beating out of my chest, Miss Kitty starts playing with her squeaky mouse.  Sort of like a baby who goes from sobbing to giggles in 20 seconds. Incredible..........

Not so calm and laid back an afternoon.  Now for some Roasted Chicken With Chili Essence and Oven Roasted Veggies and I think we need a glass of wine!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dinner with Glen Ellen

Helsingborg Hamn

........beautiful day, early morning walk in Pålsjö Skog, loads of smells and in situations like these Ralle can hardly contain himself!  Long walk completed on we go to Helsingborg.  There is a relatively new bakery there named Bread Culture where they bake amazing sour dough bread equally as good or even better than in San Francisco!  We shop there often.  Not only do they have a variety of incredible sour dough breads but also wonderful delectable sweet breads such as Cardamon Breads, Cinnamon Buns and Dance Floors!!  MmMm  Good!

Allerum Kyrka

Second outing in the afternoon to Höganäs.  We needed cat food and we purchase that at Fröhandeln where the staff and the owner are always welcoming.  Good service, well when we encounter that we are thrilled!  Sadly it is hard to come by, hard to find and oh so rare.

Playground in Höganäs

This afternoons walk with Ralle along the harbor turns sour, as someone is shooting off fire crackers and our Mr. Beautiful just wants to go home.  We did just that!

Prep for dinner.  It is after all time for Fredags Mys!  Here most families do not actually cook during the week.  Friday is THE night!  Taco Night, Pizza Night......... whatever strikes the fancy.
We have dinner every night and on this evenings menu we had Panko Crusted Fish, steamed rice and creamed spinach with a bottle of Glen Ellen Chardonnay!  Celebration!!

Glen Ellen is a relatively  inexpensive wine in California.  Perhaps five dollars a bottle depending on  where you buy it.  Purchasing it here, it is MORE than twice the price, still an inexpensive wine according to Swedish standards. ......... we enjoyed every sip, every drop with our Fredags Mos, oh sorry Fredags Mys!

Miss Kitty is always glad when Ralle comes home.

Happy Week End Every One.......

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Miniature Basketball..Elliotts first Game

Yesterday we received pictures of our two grandkids in Southern California.  Elliot had his first basketball game.  I would have liked to have seen that game.

Elliott 5 years old.

Saga and Elliott

His sister cheers him on.

Practice before the big game.

Children, what incredible little spirits they are and like sponges soak up and take in everything.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Day in Helsingborg

Dunkers Culture house.

Harbor side of Dunkers

Ferry leaving Helsingborg to Helsingor


Ferry entering Helsingborg harbor.

Helsingborg harbor from Dunkers

Helsingborg marina.

Everyone was taking pictures.

Holiday Walks

Early morning near Mjöhult.

Walk from Hittarp to Sofiero.


Near Ingelsträde.

Barn near Väsby.

Window in Krapperup.

Krapperup skogen. 

Krapperup grounds,

Krapperup grounds.  Upside down water reflection.

Later, a little nap.

Play Date


Down the road from us live a family with three children.  Theodore is the oldest and the first time we met him was when he came to our door to sell Christmas gifts from a mail order catalog before Christmas over three years ago.  Theodore is eleven years old and he has two sisters.  Frederika is nine and Sigrid will soon turn four.



They, like most people regardless of their age have a hard time resisting Ralle so they like to come to visit to play with him.  Now with the addition of little Miss Kitty it is even more fun, they especially like cats and have had a few kitty cat family members of their own in the past.


Yesterday the three children came to visit for another play day.  Miss Kitty had fun chasing peacock feathers.   Ralle was groomed between great big hugs and we all had hot chocolate and saffron and ginger breads.  And Norma Rogers living sculpture has taken on a brand new look.  We all had a great time and after a couple of fun hours the children went off to go skating with their parents.  Both Ralle and Miss Kitty settled down for a nap........