Saturday, October 17, 2015

One More October

" After a good dinner one can forgive anybody. even one's own relations. "  quote by Oscar Wilde in A Woman Of No Importance.

If things were only  that simple!

In this beautiful month of October, a month filled with birthdays celebrated by some of my dearest friends and family  members alike, fellow October Babies all. An autumn month with cooler mornings, leaves shifting color and even some blessed RAIN. A month where I have finally given myself a kick in the bum and am back in exercise class at long last. Yes long overdue! As the years added to my age are making me stiff and "heavy" limbering up, making myself more flexible is a must.

On the subject of flexible I have been spending a lot of time lately thinking about INFLEXIBILITY!
Why we as people have such a hard time being more flexible, more forgiving and kinder towards each other? Why do old wounds have to go unhealed? Or new ones for that matter? Why, if you know someone is in emotional pain, due to something that was said or something that happened in the past, why not try to repair it? Or how can you allow your BEST friend  to just "disappear" from your life, simply due to  what might simply have been a misunderstanding  or the lack of communication? Perhaps the relationship was one sided and not worth spending time on anyway? Odd to me, who strive to have everyone in my realm as happy as  humanly possible.  Forgiveness my friends! Forgiveness! Obviously not all share that desire and so be it!

At this stage of life where I suddenly realize that there might not bee too many more Octobers for me it is increasingly important for me to have things be RIGHT! Life is indeed short and one wonders why it takes some people so long to figure this out? I am grateful for each day.  Looking forward to many more yet knowing that the days  and years behind me far outweighs those ahead! Glad to have lived a long very varied and adventurous life with some new chapters ahead.Each day a gift. Each day treasured.

All right... enough philosophizing already!

As the days are getting shorter with the Weather God's  hopefully bestowing us with  a LOT cooler temps,  it is time at our house  to snuggle in, along with cozy dinners consisting of soups, stews and heartier fare. With a pile of  just picked red and green peppers straight from the field, waiting in a big pile on the prep table, to be stuffed, sauced and baked along with an abundance of apples to bake, stew and make into pie, this cook is happy!

 It  is hard to not laugh at myself when I become enamored such things  as by a new website called Rancho Gordo Beans!  A page where  you can find heirloom dry beans to  purchase by mail order. Rancho Gordo also have two brick and mortar stores one in SanFrancisco and one in Napa California, where  one can get such varietis as Alubia Blanca, Cranberry Beans , Rio Zape or Rebosero Beans... among others! Described in a manner that makes your mouth water as  to the beans  not to be   imagined unique flavors. I can hardly wait to lay my hands on a few of these varieties and start creating  some great stuff.

Enjoy October my friends! It only comes once a year!