Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sick As A Dog In The Farhult Fog

But, first things first.  The little town of Höganäs is a delightful place.  We spend a lot of time there with Ralle, shopping and we use other services as well.  Yesterday David picked up his boots from an old fashioned cobbler having had them reheeled.  This town was created from mud so to speak, clay perhaps being a better word,  because ceramic tile and bricks are manufactured here.  These tiles and bricks are used in the most creative ways.  Here a very imaginative piece in the Captains Garden.  A lovely park in the old part of town.

The parks are many and varied and generously  placed everywhere.  These green spaces are appreciated by man, dogs and birds.  Spring flowers peeking up in the flower beds and on grassy slopes while the birds are busy building nests.

So, this charming sea side village is famous for its ceramic housewares and tiles.  The roof of the Sidney Opera House in Australia is built with Höganäs tile as well as the sport arena where the San Jose Sharks play hockey. Pretty cool I say and

not bad for this little town.  It also boasts the best city beach in Sweden, Kvick Badet, and of course was once a bustling fishing village.  House-ware products were also a main source of income.  Today Höganäs Ceramics is owned by Ittala a Finish concern.  Absolut Vodka has become French and Volvo Chinese.  I sure don't like it........ but, nobody asks me.

Another brick creation, a fountain in summer at Gruv Torget Square. ( Miners Square )

The town boasts some very old beautiful buildings many used for living spaces today......

We had planned to go to a birthday party yesterday.  We were invited by one of our favorite young men and were so looking forward to the event.

I was suddenly struck by "the creeping crud",  nasty cough, fever and general ill feeling.  I hated to have to cancel on short notice,  but was met with consideration and understanding along with wishes for  a speedy recovery.  How grateful I am to have such understanding friends......

I stayed in bed, hacking and freezing with my room mate piling on extra blankets and doting on me. Also something to be grateful for.

Ralle however does not have such feelings of consideration, he wants his walk, likes his routine and off we go.

Foggy Farhult our destination, so pretty in its shroud .......... so , sick as a dog in Farhult...

Fresh air is good no matter what, even though my forehead is hot.  A runner passes us on a hill.  It is a short trip since I am ill, so quickly, quickly back to the mill, well there I hit the sack

and get to sleep with our cat.

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