Saturday, May 7, 2016

Circus and Change

The primary elections here in the US is totally a circus!  Not only are most of the candidates like clowns but the rules for voting are as elusive as the old fashion "shell games."  Amazingly the man getting the most votes on the republican side, the man who: "was not going to get far" according to those in the know, he who was a "joke" is only gaining in the poles and getting the most votes.  Now the establishment and the credited news people and pundits, like Charlie Rose, are beginning to treat him as "Presidential".

Really Really Bad or Really Bad

I feel like Alice in Wonderland just having met the Mad Hatter!  How can it be?

Our next President?

On the other side of the ticket there is Hilary who gets all the press and ALL the money, while Bernie gets next to no press and only funding from those who send $20.00 or $30.00 at a time.  Yet he is right on Hilary's heels.

The season is changing here in California.  As you might already know there are two.  A green season and a brown season.  Better advertised as the gold one.  Hence, California with the golden hills.  The mountains are turning to the summer colour now but there is still precious rain in the forecast!

The mornings are still crisp and Garbo and we love it.  She keeps us busy, she keeps us grounded and she makes us realise what is most important.

The sun comes up and the sun goes down, day after precious day!  Displaying her glory, her beauty and her power.  Always different, yet the same.  I am grateful!

The jasmine is starting to bloom spreading that incredible fragrance  all around.  What else could one want?