Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh NO.....Snow

There it is again!  We woke up to more white stuff.  It does not quite have the same charm now.

We want  SPRING!

According to the weather predictions this coming

week end is when she is arriving.  SPRING.

Sunday we have been promised full sunshine and not a cloud in the sky :-)

Then of course a lot can happen between now and Sunday :-(

Thumbs held - Fingers crossed.  We go far on just hope!  Then perhaps we will have to wait until next year for more snow........ for new Ralle paw prints.

Those typical Great Pyrenees "lazy" foot prints that I love.  From that lumbering butt - swinging gait, with the  "back feet drag" creating a sound like they are wearing slippers.  How I adore our big white bear.

Almost home the photographer jumps out to shoot a picture of a nearby hedgerow ....... a shadow of our mill looming way back there....... will it be the last of the snow?

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