Wednesday, April 17, 2013

With Vi'Skaly's Ralph Lauren to Texas and Back!

This is an enormous country!  Taking the Beautiful One, aka Ralle, or Vi'Skaly's Ralph Lauren from California to Texas and back, was approximately the same distance as driving from the southern tip of Sweden to the most northern border, up there where the Sami lives,  at least 3 1/2 times!

 After  a period of rather intense training, with Ralle running along with David on the bike,  to become extra "buff" so to speak,  then finally a visit to the groomer, we load the car up and we are on our way to Texas!

After months of preparation and planning..... not to forget the extra training, this trip high on my "Bucket List" actually started!

Somehow I did not think it was really going to come true.

On a Monday morning after Ralle had been bathed and "fluffed" by our now favorite groomer +Cristina Campbell at +Bel Amour Pet Spa we climb into the car and go pick up Maria,  the copilot!

 Taking off for Texas!

The drive included dodging tumbleweed,

waking up to snow in Flagstaff, Arizona

there is rain, sleet and sand storms with

winds so severe even Ralle rushed back to the car!

aaaah, spare me!

From Flagstaff to Amarillo.... then

Oklahoma City with crazy traffic.

Maria's turn to drive.  We average 750 miles per day!  Hollister - Flagstaff-Amarillo-through parts of Oklahoma....  then we arrive, Tanglewood Resort at long last!

He is a true trooper spending so much time in the car!  Yes, he is a seasoned traveler undoubtedly since making the trip from Sweden to San Francisco!  What a fabulous boy he is!

Here we are Pottsboro, Texas at the Tanglewood Resort,  a beautiful place nestled close to a lake.  It is a great setting with nice paths and places for dog walks.

We check out the trails.

We check out the accommodations.  Ralle is happy!

We have a date with our  Fabulous +Brigitte Doxtator of +Oneida Acres who graciously helps by putting the "finishing touches" on Ralle along with, of course Denver!  Whiskers are trimmed along with eye brows, a bit of a comb out. We are being helped by Andrea (above) and "the other redhead." (below)

and a toe trim!

Man......... after that a boy needs a rest!

Ralle is stoked and excited and with fabulous assistance of +Angella Alexis

who expertly, sweetly and oh so kindly takes Ralle into the ring!

He is in his essence.  He likes being noticed!  He likes the clapping of hands and the cheering.

He looks great and fabulous to me.

Wins some nice rosettes a blanket, a trivet and some other goodies.

We gratefully say Thank You to the Doxtator's for their engagement and guidance and without Angella we would not have been so successful.

There is a great sense of  camaraderie between the dog owners cheering each other on.  True caring for the lovely breed!  It was so fun and so exciting to be part of this big event there were 158 entries in the show plus 9 entries in obedience and 8 dogs in Rally.

Our boy was entered in Veteran Sweepstakes 7 years & under 9 years as number 63-came home with a purple ribbon, a fleece blanket embroidered with a 2013 logo and a trivet.  I might add that there was a lot of BUZZ about Vi'Skaly's, Ingela and Pernilla.  We also had the pleasure of meeting Keith Savage and having a nice chat about what else... Ingela and Pernilla;-) and our mutual acquaintances and dogs on the other side of the big water.

With the "loot" stashed in the car we drive the return trip overnighting
 only once.  A marathon so to speak.

The scenery is amazingly beautiful and exotic in many places, boring in others.  The desserts where  one thinks only rattlesnakes and scorpions live, can seem endless.  Yet there is something so awesome about it all.

It was a road trip like no other and I and Ralle are grateful to Maria for taking the time off from work to come with us on this journey and so thankful to all the other participants who made this memorable trip so special and so successful.

Yea .....  Ingela and Pernilla, Brigitte and Denver.  We LOVE you!  And most importantly Hurrah to Ralph Lauren the STAR!  He is a true gentleman this Ralle Boy!