Sunday, August 9, 2015

Silas the Scottish Deerhound Remembered

The Photographer and I attended an Agility Trial in Morgan Hill last weekend.  Maria was competing with Buddie and Gemma.

As Garbo had Rally class in the morning with Tiffanie Moyano of Dog Logic U, we missed the morning trials when Maria was running  with Buddie.  We were on hand for the afternoon sessions however and enjoyed seeing these amazing athletes in action.

The competitors range from Doxies to Great Danes and every kind and size of dog in between. Fabulous to watch!  We delightedly watched the afternoon trials start off with a Doxie, followed by  a small Havanese.  They had to jump over hinders 8 inches tall.  Hard to do when your legs are about 3 inches long :-)

We watched happy dogs, some who qualified for the next level of competition, some who just had a lot of fun practicing and some who knocked down a bar or took a wrong turn or skipped an obstacle or two.... going on to try again another day.

As Maria was leaving the facility a man approached her asking if she had not some time ago had a Scottish Deerhound named Silas?  Indeed she did!  About 30 or 35 years ago!  Talk about a far reach  way back in history.

Silas was the sweetest most gentle boy in his very Deerhound feline kind of way.  Growing up and living his life with Chico the Photographers 135 pound Rottweiler.  We always joked about our  living with Bambi and Godzilla.

Running, Silas would  fly!  As  his feet never seemed to touch the ground!

Silas' Grandmother was a movie star!  She had a lead role in "Out Of Africa" a movie ALSO featuring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

Amazing to find that our Silas is still remembered all these years later.  Silas the love of our  life!

Silas with his Doctor Seuss appearance!  Beautiful Silas!