Monday, March 5, 2012

City on Sunday

Treating you to some photos of Helsingborg.  The city sleeps on Sunday mornings.  It is nice to stroll on the nearly deserted streets.  The Culture House will not be open to visitors for hours.

Crossing the usually busy main "drag" is a breeze.

Shop windows on Kullagatan. the oldest "walking street" in Sweden are bright

and inviting even though there is not a single soul in site. (other than us)

I have been captured on video in upper right hand corner.

Ralle can sniff in every corner at his own speed as we check out the new light fixtures strung up above.

These shoes makes us think of Ryan who is starting a new running season.  We wish him great success!

Are they busy baking at Fahlmans Conditori....... a very popular place ..

The ferries go back and forth to Denmark day and night, night and day.

Finally someone is up, besides us, as we pass the thousand year old Maria Church

and the Maria Congregation Building.

Gustav Adolf Church on the south side of the city.

Here we find this collection of neat old street lamps.

In the park by the City Library there is a "Story Tree".  You can listen to an assortment of fairy tales by pushing a button or just enjoy the sounds of the wind in the branches

contemplating the silly fruit or making up your own story

and allowing your imagination to run wild.

We marvel over the amount of money and energy spent on parks, playgrounds, floral arrangements and wonderful events for the citizens here.  Amazing and very enjoyable to us.

If the art around you is not to your liking

you can always create your own.  There is always someone that will come

and clean it up or leave because it looks nice.

Helsingborgs City Hall and Magnus Stenbock on his horse looking across the sound making sure the Danes stay where they belong!

Ending this "picture rain" with a relic.  A phone both with a real "live" telephone.  Have a great day you all!

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