Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Overdue Update

Where did June go?

June last year was jam packed! A visit to Northern Sweden, the very first one for both of us and a trip that for so many reasons will never be forgotten!

Then visitors started arriving and we had so much fun showing Sweden off.  Perfect weather, beautiful flowers, remarkable scenery and all that.

This June has until just now been a bit cooler.  Now summer is upon us.  It is time for lupin, poppies, daisies and bachelor buttons and again some California poppies grace our yard.

Visitors have been fewer, but no less welcomed.  Visits have been shorter, but no less enjoyed.  Maud, Anna and Ella to count a few and Chris from Poland as well.  During his stay he cooked for us.  Dinner one night a breakfast one morning, meals that will be remembered for a long time.  He showed me tricks and great ideas for food preparation that I will use many a time from now on.  So, old dogs CAN learn new tricks!  On top of preparing delicious meals he also entertained us, playing his guitar and singing songs he writes. What a great time!!

We have been out on many enjoyable adventured with Ralle!  Bosse keeps catching mice.  He loves to show them off both to us and to Ralle just shining with pride when we praise him.  Proving that even cats and yes of course the dogs too, need to be told what a great job they are doing, just like the rest of us!

David has been out on his bike some, but as the planned bike trip along route 66 did not come to be, the training became less important.  David is a bit plagued by a knee that has given him a fear of not being able to go the distance.  While Fredrik is busy working on his house.

There are some other changes in proposed plans.  Linnea ended up with conflicting date changes with her culinary school in Florida.  Kellie was able to land a couple of fun jobs.  Can not poo poo those since they are so darned hard to come by.  She is thinking of coming in September and Linnea in December. Time will  tell how that turns out.

As a whole this June has been very busy and very eventful for our family.  Kellies Santa Clara University graduation and Kevin graduated from High School.  Gary is at home for the summer from New Mexico Technical University, enjoying his friends, just hanging out, but has also helped paint his house!  Ryan is home from Redlands University, landed a job where Maria works and does her research so he is happy and grateful for the opportunity.  Linnea went to the Prom all dressed up and absolutely adorable.  Both Kevin and CJ were in their High School play another smash hit we have been told.

We have celebrated Summer Solstice and Midsummer Eve.  The night prior to Midsummer Eve we woke up around 3:30 AM as Ralle wanted to go out.  Our house was draped in amazing mist!

Neighbor Home behind Us

Had contemplated a visit to Bastad to see Ella dance around the maypole but changed our plan and instead of driving, enjoyed a great evening with our neighbors as we decided it better to stay close to home.  Good food, great friends in a fairytale garden so beautiful, where Charlotte and Lars had decorated a very special maypole as well as their porch, with tree branches and roses.

Today was The Day of The Horse at Krapperup Castle, fun, cute, dramatic and beautiful.

Lastly I can sadly report that the war waged on the weeds is not being won, although I am a brave and diligent soldier!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Silly Play

This is a cool animation.  Click on Play and leave the mouse alone.  Sit back and watch.  Begin here.

No connection to the photo.  It seems one must have a distraction for the eye.


Add   4 cups water
         1 tsp. salt
          2 cloves of garlic
         1 bay leaf
          1 rib of  celery