Sunday, June 12, 2016

Two Road Trips and a Funeral

There was a plan to drive to Los Angeles to meet up with the photographers high school buddies in the end of May.  We were to see a play, gather for a nice dinner on the town and have a fun time.  But sometimes totally incomprehensible life changing things comes crashing down on us to make plans change.

My best friend Maud (upper left) and her son Eric (lower left).

My almost life long "bestest" friend lost her son!  Heart failure at home in his kitchen, as he was preparing for a meeting with the Democrats in Long Beach.  Working hard in an effort to convince people to vote for Hillary, in the upcoming Primary Elections.

The man we lost was a son, a brother, a husband, and a father.  A friend to so many.  A mentor.  Kind and Caring.  An activist!  He possessed a great sense of humor and gave the worlds best bear hugs! He truly enjoyed a good time.  We miss him immensely!

Eric Thomas Sean Bradley

As we have Garbo "in training, " to get used to staying at a Doggie Hotel ( where she will need to be for an upcoming wedding in the fall ) we decided to make a trip south just to hang out with family.  Hoping to catch up with the high school friends another time. It seemed more appropriate somehow.
It was Memorial Day weekend with a parade in Torrance.  A parade that our youngest grandchild was going to be part of as he is a very proud Boy Scout.

A few parade photos.

We also spent some time at the dojo where our Boy Scout trains in karate, watching him during his lesson.  He loves and excels in this sport!  It is such fun to see his rapid progress and he has now earned a purple belt!

Returning home from our week end with our close family we took "the long way" home.  Driving up the beautiful west coast on highway One and 101.  We have not done that for a long time usually choosing Interstate 5 as it gets us home faster.  But it is ooooh so BORING!  We took the time to have lunch at La Super Rica, a favorite little Mexican eating place.  Standing in line.  Waiting to order.  Waiting for our food, prepared one tortilla at a time and so, so worth it!

This trip was repeated again the following weekend with the Mother of The Future Chef and the Future Chefs Dad to attend a memorial mass for our Eric.  The Seattle branch of our group were flying to LAX.

More parade photos.

The memorial service was very special.  The church full to overflowing.  The eulogy perfect!  A speech that touched on Eric's many friendships and accomplishments of course!  His Viking heritage and his affinity for good beer!  We held up imaginary glasses as suggested by the speaker and said Skål to Eric with the speaker telling us that if Eric had a choice he would have liked his last send off in a Viking ship lit up by burning arrows, just like the Vikings of yore, but that the Environmental Agency would not allow such things.  The attendants cheered and clapped their hands!  Not an ordinary send off at a Catholic church in Long Beach California I venture to guess?

We also celebrated Saga's Bithday whilewe were there and Maria's birthday last week end. Today it is Ray's turn to celebrate and we hope he will have a super day!

It continues to be crazy busy here.  Dinner guests, family dinners, grandchild visits and more dinners with visiting friends.  Next week I go off to help cook at a yoga retreat in Mariposa, leaving the Photographer and "the kids" at home alone!  It will be exciting and fun.  With part of Fathers Day spent with the Photographer as I hope to return home early enough to spend part of the this Father's Day with one of the best "stand in's" for a Father there ever was, in my book!

(More parade photos)

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