Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Faire and Floors

Yea,  a crazy combination for a title but the two biggest things to report this time around!

When the Photographer invited me on our first date we went to The Renaissance Faire near San Francisco.  It was amazing!  Since then we have attended the event at various venues including Hanford, California, Casa de Fruta close to San Jose, plus  a sweet version of Medeltids Festivalen in Ingelsträde, while we resided in Ryssmöllan near Helsingborg, Sweden.

This time, in late September, we had the pleasure of having "the future Chef" tag along for a day of fun in the sun!  And hot it was!  It was a great day inspite of the temperature!  Cooling off with appropriate spirits and tasty food.  Garbo had fun too, spending the day with her doggie cousins Buddie and Gemma.

The days flew by and it was time to turn the page on the wall calendar to October!  The air is crisp, pumpkins, scarecrows, and tomb stones are turning up on doorsteps, in drive ways and front yards.

Apples are on sale and I find myself thinking about stewed cabbage, brussel sprouts with bacon and  Pumpkin Espresso Cake and such!

We have new floors!  The cream colored  all to wall carpet have been removed (thank goodness) and wood flooring installed.  We love it!  I think Mister Kitty and Garbo does too, except when Garbo gets into her  streaks of excess energy and starts her wild sprints, well..... she ends up with all four paws in four different directions as she has NO traction!  It gets outright scary!

It was a lot of work removing furniture, emptying hutches and the refrigerator, and moving and disassembling a few things but we did it!  Getting things cleaned up and dusted off and ready for the next "Go Around". Now we are back to normal. What ever normal is?

One of the hardest things during the installation phase was keeping track of Garbo and Mister.  With Rocky, the installer, obviously having to run in and out with doors open it was important that we always new where Mister was.  It is harder to lose track of Garbo :-)  Mister felt unhappy about not being able to hang out in the garage during the day.  He likes to hunt out there. He proudly catches mice and we thank him profusely! We shuttled him from the back deck to the bedroom and or to the Photographers office and back again, it all worked out in the end.

It was all a pleasant experience. Not many can say THAT about a home inprovement project!  Rocky did a fabulous job, on top of the fact that it was a pleasure to have him around!  We will seek his help again, whenever we start our next home improvement project, whatever that might be!

Our next big adventure is THE wedding!  We can hardly wait!