Sunday, March 4, 2012

..... and a burger on a sesame seed bun !

how did that jingle go?  Can't for the life of me remember....... something like "pickles, onions, lettuce and...."  however...  that is what we did today!  We fire grilled handmade burgers on our Weber!  Wow what a treat.  Wow what a nice day and Wow was it good!  With a few oven baked french fries on the side..... m m m.
This was late in the afternoon an early dinner so to speak.

Early morning walk with THE DOG!  There were loads of people up out and about, with and without four legged companions.  This bright sun shiny morning everyone, it seemed, wanted to get out of the house or their apartment to truly bask in the sun and the wonderful weather.  Fabulous!

On our walks with Ralle in Jonstorp we have on several occasions met a woman who's style in clothes I really admire.  She has a sort of Annie Hall look and I love it!  After several run ins with her I finally had to ask where she purchases her clothes.  Oh, she said,  at a second hand store in Ängelholm.  That is a BIG thing here!  This recycled, pre-owned or hardly used stuff.  Good idea yes.

For what seems a very long time I have been thinking I should go to check this shop out.  Today was the day!  Pile the dog and the "hubby" in the car, ask the "driver" to take me (since he needed  a break and this was a good reason to get out of the house).  Get there, park the car, find the shop, hurrah!  See the store hours posted on the door 10 to 18 Tuesday through Friday - 10 to 13 Saturday........ but oh NO,  the door is locked!  A small sign says:  Closed Today!

Not uncommon here.  We DO admire the fact that you can actually DO that!  Hang a note on the door saying BACK IN 20 MIN for example.  Yet, it is so annoying when you are standing there at the door disappointed.  Well, perhaps admire is not the right word for such an action.  Yet customers here seem  to accept this with out a problem.  Or do they?  Naw.  I think they get annoyed too.  They have just learned to accept this as a way of life.

It is hard not to look back at our many years at Oakhurst Feed, not taking any time off (other than Sundays) to try to provide good service to our customers.  An entirely different attitude there in regards to competition, service and all that.  The same is true for price of products.  Here the price is almost the same no matter where you shop ........ Suppose there might be something good about not having to drive or walk to a different store to get a better price or more importantly better service.  No, I don't like feeling like I don't have a choice.  Here the prices are pretty much the same regardless and good service is hard to come by.  When we come across good service we sure appreciate it and we let them know that we appreciate them.

But, boy do I miss Costco, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods!

In closing we would like to add that our thoughts are with all those people who have suffered devastating damages and lives lost from the frightful tornados and severe storms in Indiana and in the Mid West!

I can so well remember fearful nights spent in the basement during those storms.  Friends who lost their homes or had cars sitting on top of their roofs........ Mother Nature on a rampage ....

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