Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Full February!

February was a "loaded" month and it is not yet at an end. It actually started with The Super Bowl! And what a shindig that is! Then , over and above the regular Garbo walks, the visits to Brigantino Park or the walks with the "pack" over in  Buddie, Gemma and Yuki's "hood" plus the various afternoons spent at the Morgan Hill Dog Park, there were celebrations galore!

We had the pleasure of a visit from my long time and forever friend Maud and parts of her family who came to spend a little time with us!

There was Valentines Day!

The Photographer and I celebrated our wedding anniversary!  The number of years look mighty big!

In honor of the day we took time out for a visit to one of our favorite cities, San Francisco!

Leaving Garbo at Lepa Dog for an overnight stay!  A new experience for us all.  Lepa Dog is a very nice Dog Hotel.  Garbo is in training for a long stay there come autumn, when we will attend the wedding of our granddaughter Kellie, who will marry her Prince Charming Derek.

Our day included a visit to the de Young Museum!

We enjoyed a great lunch!

The Photographer photographed!

We walked and Walked and WALKED!

Enjoyed fabulous views!

Enjoyed PERFECT weather!

Enjoyed a little wine!

Spent time in the Japanese Tea Garden!

Walked up and down Golden Gate Park!

According to our FitBits we logged more than 17,000 steps!  Finally ending the day with some shopping in the Ferry Building in the city, squeezed in a visit to IKEA and ended the day with a nice dinner!
It was not an ordinary day!
But be assured that was not the end of the February celebrations!

We have had a few guests here for lunch!  Spent an extraordinary dinner at some newfound friends home, where we were treated to fresh crab straight out of the ocean,  among other delectables!  I had a fun  "girls night out"  with a few of the ladies on our street.  We ate good, enjoyed cocktails or wine and laughed a whole lot!

Tonight we will attend The Oscars Gala at the future Chefs house as we have been invited to partake in Tapas and Champagne!

We welcome the month of March hoping to catch our breaths:-)