Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is Cherry Garcia in Viken ?

Hey, what's that... a new chew toy... do you think there is a cat in there ???
My somewhat "Chubby Hubby" and I went to visit the Ben and Jerry litter at Kennel Vi'Skaly's along with our "Vanilla Dream" of a dog Ralph Lauren.  He is truly a "Vanilla Dream"! ( From the Designer Litter of long ago or so I think  Ralph Lauren's group of litter mates were called?).
Ben and Jerry is  a company that  have always used such different and fun names for their various ice cream delights such as "Cheesecake Brownie", "Cinnamon Bun", "Wavy Gravy" or "Honey I'm Home" ..

Cleverly this new litter was named after various Ben and Jerry ice cream flavors.  These puppies are just as hard to resist and just as sweet as their names.  "Fairy nuts"?  "Berry N 'Ice"?

Hey there Big Fellow , who are you, may I get to know you?

 "Schweddy Balls"?  It was impossible not to think of that skit  when I looked at this cute picture.

"Schweddy Balls" is the name of a  silly limited Ben and Jerry flavor in honor of that Saturday Night Live  skit with Alec Baldwin from way back in the day.  Laughed so hard my stomach ached the first time I saw that.  Have laughed equally hard several times since........  fortunately  none of these new adorable little lives had to be burdened with just that crazy name.

Ralle, sweet and gentle.

"Butterscotch Swirl"?

"Chunky Monkey"?

What a baby sitter he -  the Ralle Man.  What sweet fluff balls these cute ones are!

then a  walk in Viken,

past the church,

down the main "drag",

down to the harbor,

along the ocean,

flying swans,

swimming birds,

past the dressing rooms,

all in a row.......  we go,   my slightly Chubby Hubby and I    ----  and --

no,  no "Cherry Garcia"  in Viken ... we looked , yes we did.

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