Friday, September 13, 2013

The Heavens Gasped

.... when his spirit came bounding through those gates.  Of that I am sure!

.. our world as we know it, came to a screeching halt ..

He, in his sweet and gentle magnificence is waiting for us at the "Rainbow Bridge".
Our, oh so beloved Vi'Skaly's Ralph Lauren, our amazing Ralle, his purpose here  fulfilled, as he left us this fateful first Sunday in September.

Leaving us with our  hearts broken.  No oxygen left, in our space.

We truly treasured every single moment he graced our lives.  He was a bridge, a connection between Sweden and here, between the kind family, Ingela and Pernilla who trusted us with his care, between many people who have the same affinity for this amazing breed and between thousands of people, strangers, family members and friends alike, who were touched by his elegance and his sweetness.

He was a  true GIFT in every sense of the word.


A swedish Champion!

A winner of two first places in Texas, Best Opposite sex and Best Male in the Veteran Sweepstakes in his class and age group!

He earned his certificate and his badge as a " Therapy Dog" with Therapy Dogs International.

A BEST friend, a devoted spirit who loved his Mister Kitty.... his  best buddy, who suddenly does not know where to sleep, since there is no big tail to snuggle into.

Ralle, our beautiful boy, has travelled far and wide.  He went with us EVERY WHERE!  He loved exploring new places, new parks, new beaches, and meeting new dogs as well as new people.  He was a true magnet.  Few could resist him.

For us it has been an honor to be connected with him.  An honor and an absolute privilege to be in his presence, to be at the opposite end of the lead.

And his ears! I loved those ears!

Now we find ourselves in a daze, wondering how to divvy up our day as the days in the past have been so filled with walks, feeding routines, playtime, grooming, or just sitting in the park.  Ralle keeping a gaze over his "hood"!  A favorite thing to do.

Heartbrokenly trying to find new routines, a new "normal".

Time...... it will take time...... time.

Reflecting on how very precious time is.  How we truly only get to borrow those we love.  Sooner or later they leave us.  Often without a moments notice.  We know!  I know!

While David is at work I move through my day fondling tufts of white fur.  Unwilling to vacuum the white hair from the red couch.... gratefully remembering a life with so much love, joy, and pride.  A period when our hearts were so FULL!

Our dogs so totally share their love. Do not ask anything in return. Bring this gift  of love to the world. Very much like an Angel!

I am uncertain why but  when I find myself mired in grief, I think of those people who have touched my life with pettiness, stubbornness, pig headiness and selfishness.  Unforgiving.  Cruel.  Unfeeling. Ungrateful.  Unable to take any responsibility for relationships gone awry.....
We all grace each others lives ...... lives that are oh, so fragile....... we give and we take..... we come and we go.......

I am also unsure of how to help Mister Kitty?  Awestruck over how hugely he is affected.  He was born surrounded by the White Giants.  He has enjoyed his lifelong companions presence.  He waits....... he waits..

may the sun bring us new energy by day,
may the moon softly restore us by night,
may the rain wash away our worries,
may the breeze blow new strength into our being.
may we walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of our life.

apache blessing             (revised)

thank you Geri

"och himlen är så oskyldigt blå"

 visst är det så  ..... Stina ?