Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A January Day in Monterey & Fun At the Dog Park

It is tuff living in California in the "winter"!
The photographer had left some photographs for framing in Monterey a couple of weeks ago.  Ready for pick up we drove there with Garbo, making it a day for a walk along the coast as well as retrieving the art work.

A perfect day.

People had fun playing in the water at the Lovers Point cove.

Many were out in their scuba gear.

Others had less fancy equipment. We strolled along enjoying the day, the view, the sun.

Many local artists were out capturing the day on canvas and on paper,

a busy day fort artists of various kinds.

Artistry in rock, just another way of expression.

In the middle of the week the photographer had a few days off from work.

W decided to introduce Garbo to the dog park in Morgan Hill.

What a fabulous place!

The pictures speak for themselves.

We were told  by some of the dog owners that on the week ends there can be as many as 60 to 70 dogs there at the same time.....

now THAT would be something to see!

Garbo seemed to think her afternoon visit to the dog park was fun,

there were some dogs however, who were just a little too attentive,

 Garbo finding it best to stick close to Mom. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Paula's Perfect Puppy Present.

She is a privileged "child," our Garbo!
A couple of weeks ago, the Mail Lady rang the gate bell and left her, her very OWN package.  It came from Paula.  Our very special Paula!
In the box there were many pink presents.
Pink tissue paper.
Pink stuffed animals.
Pink card.

There were blankets to snuggle on or in, sewn on Paula's Mothers 100 year old sewing machine!
There were Chicken and Brown Rice training treats.  Perfect for when Garbo is practicing her sits and downs.
And then there was the ACTUAL BOX!

That too, that box, was so much fun!
OO ooh yea!
Thank you Paula!  Garbo is extra happy!  Garbo loves you, we do too.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Puppies and People

The geese are migrating.  Landing in huge flocks on the golf course near or on the many ponds. Wonder how well the golfers like that?
Getting Garbo through the "waste" can be a challenge.  There is nothing like an extra "snack" waiting right there on the road.  Yikes!

We often meet Gene and Barbara when we walk, a really sweet couple who live with a 12 year old Saint Bernard by the name of Chloe'.  These two used to be very active in the dog show circuit and know a lot about dogs and the dog sport.  They are now in their late 80's, still walk their dog, always helpful and love to "talk dog"!

Garbo and I are going to Puppy School!  Garbo is the teachers pet!  Garbo can do tricks!

The instructors teach with such flair and ease, making the exercises seem so easy.. then

when it is my turn, oh well.  It is not quite the same!

When we get back home to practice on our own I can hardly remember what and how to do the various aspects, but we have a good time trying.

Garbo a very willing student and practicing at home, well,  let me say the environment is a lot more pleasant.

After working hard it is time to play!

there is no lack of fun stuff to demolish.

Or try to "kill"!

Please let us not even talk about what happened to Santa !!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crazy Busy Goings On

December was indeed a wild and crazy month!  Chock full of SPECIAL events!

The Future Chef, who now is back on the East Coast and the cold, was invited to attend the winter Cattle Round Up at her good friends ranch and took the photographer along.  This series of pictures are more action packed

perhaps not as "stylized" as from in the last event. Here is a little sample.

He came home pretty mucked up...

clothes going straight in to the washing machine

as some of the shooting angels were pretty dramatic and fun.

Nice results and both a happy photographer and a happy Future Chef returned home.. Satisfied!

Then Garbo got to go on her first hill hiking adventure in late December.  The photographer and I got part of the day off.... busy putting Christmas away we were,

before a VERY tired Garbo came home.

She had an eventful day hiking for eight miles with lots of other dog friends and friends with dogs.

This is how she looked when we picked her up!

Yes, December was busy!  Garbo arrived first of all!  We had waited for what seemed to be an eternity.  Then less than a week later friends from my Minnesota days came for a visit.  I had not seen them for an eternity either!  It was GREAT to have them here, it seemed as if time had stood still!  I would like more of that.  We were laughing about the fact that the only visible  physical changes we noticed were the color of our hair!  Yea, sure!  A trip to Seattle was next.  A celebration, a surprise Birthday Party for our number one sons wife, who turned a big round Five O!  What a party!  As customary I put a snag in the travel plans, leaving my purse behind and not discovering that little detail until I got out of the car at the airport!  Yikes!!  Those kids are not gonna travel with me at all, pretty soon!
There was Christmas for which I was not at all prepared.  But it came and it went and it was wonderful to have almost the entire gang gathered.

The New Year started with a Bang Up Fabulous dinner at the Future Chefs and the Current Whale Counters house........ a beautiful spread at a beautiful table with friends and family.
One of our sweet neighbors delivered a bagful of lovely fragrant perfect lemons for us to enjoy....  Love this hood,  this life and the family

we share, not only with Mister Kitty but also with wild, funny, energetic, silly and adorable Garbo.

Happy New Year to ALL of you out there.
2014 is going to be GREAT!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our life (as we knew it) is Over!

While Garbo is out on a hiking adventure with her "cousins" Buddie and Gemma, plus some other dog friends such as  beautiful Yuki,  we are taking the opportunity to post a few pictures for everyones pleasure!  Yes, there are those who laugh uproariously at the present condition of not only us, but our house... it is wild in every respect.  Turned upside down and topsy turvy!

These pictures speak for themselves... we are back out walking a lot.  Perhaps my pants will fit better soon?  One can always wish!
There are NO dull moments here.

We are so lucky to be able to play at a nearby agility field.

Spend time there as often as we can.

Hoping she will get TIRED!

Not much luck in that department.

She is a bit like the Energizer Bunny!


Going Non Stop!


and On

and then some.

Not looking tired

in the least!

During Christmas she had her OWN kids here!  She LOVES them!

As she took the time to "eat" Elliott's shoes, he might love her a bit less?? ...  'though I might add that he seemed quite  happy with his new pair.

When all else fails she "tortures" Mister Kitty.  We can see what he thinks...

Who IS this?  He wanted his dog buddy back for sure... but THIS??

Yea!  This is how it looks here these days..

Picking up?  Forget it!  It is hard enough holding things down!!!
Happy New Year to you and Thank God we have nights !:-)