Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crazy Day !

Miss Kitty is dropped off at our Veterinarian early in the morning to be neutered and it is hard to do even when we know it is the absolute right thing !  We leave her and tell her we will be back soon.......
We take Ralle to Lerhamn........

 and enjoy our walk in the mist trough the harbor and past the quaint little fishing village,

along the oceanside,

and over the sand dunes.

We get a call from the Vet.  Our Kitty Cat is just fine but perhaps we should consider a name change?
Surprise!  Our little Miss Kitty turns out to be a male cat!  How we have had this little cat at the Vets' so many times and no one noticed...... goes to show, things are not always as they appear.  Admittedly I could not tell,  but do not claim to be an expert :-)

The day passes with the same rapid speed as every other.  Curry Chicken Salad is prepared, a favorite salad that I used to order when we would have lunch at Whole Foods in Fresno.  Chicken, onions, raisins, lot's of curry powder, diced apples and cilantro. Mmm such a Tasty Salad!

Remember, " one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well"  per Virginia Woolf.

A quick visit to Väla Skogen, since it is close to our Vets' office.  The forest and surrounding fields,

a busy place in the spring weather.  I heard my first lark sing it's spring drill a sure sign..

and back to the car and off to pick up our NEW cat!

Let us introduce you to MISTER, the cutest cat ever who STILL wants to jump in to the crate to go for a ride in the car.  Amazing cat.  That's how they make them at Kennel Vi'Skaly's ..

"Mister" is just as awesome as Ralle..... our  "boys", what a duo!

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