Friday, March 2, 2012

"What a Difference a Day Makes"

"just a few little hours"........... it is as true as the lyrics in that song!  What!  We wake up to what?  Is it true?  SUN!

Ten degrees plus.  Did I mention calm whispering kind of winds!  Whoohooo!

Time for a walk along the shore in Viken where people are friendly and welcoming, smiley and chatty as are many of the dogs Ralle gets to greet.  (well perhaps the dogs are not chatty exactly but tail wagging and happy)

There was a couple bathing, believe it or not.  Hardy souls!  A couple in their seventies or older we would guess.  Arrived and left on their bikes!  With that kind of stamina they ought to live to be a hundred..

Beautiful day.  Beautiful sunshine.  Beautiful views.

Beautiful Ralle who is a gentleman wherever he goes.  Wow what an amazing dog.

meandering along the path discovering delights for the eye

arranged or random



with even the ordinary seeming extraordinary.  Zippedy dooda zippedy aye my oh my what a  beautiful day........

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