Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Miss Kitty

Our little cat is so funny!  This little soon to be six month old cat from Kennel Vi'Skaly's must think she is a dog.  Perhaps no wonder as she grew up with Great Pyrenees all around her and she lives with one and she considers Ralle her best friend.

When we go out with Ralle she wants to come along.  Never before have we had a cat who voluntarily jumps into a Vari Kennel, sits down facing the opening, and waits for us to close the door to take her along.

There is a slight complication however.  She has a litter box with a "hood".  So there seems to be some sort of reminder to go "potty" as soon as she gets into the kennel.  Once she has "done her business" she is "happy as a clam" to sit in her enclosure while we take Ralle for a walk.  We do peel off appropriate layers of newspapers as  required, before we lock the doors so she is clean and comfortable while we are gone.

Yesterday we had a date with our Veterinarian.  She was due for a booster shot.  She gets into her kennel and is obviously unaware of our destination.  Well there she is "tortured" as we decided to "chip" her as a means of future identification.  Something the Veterinarian recommended.  Ouch, THAT was NO fun! My first thought is she will NEVER want to get into that kennel again!

Well wrong I was.  As we get ready to go this morning there she is waiting to get into her kennel.... short memory?  Or she knows it was not we who caused her agony yesterday?  Who knows?  The fact remains that she was ready for her ride again this morning so off we went.

If we do leave her at home she is more than delighted when Ralle comes back home to her.  They are so cute, greeting each other, nudging, sniffing and soooo happy to be together again.

Once he is settled in on the floor, on the sofa, or on one of his beds she snuggles up and often with her front legs wrapped around his tail snoozing along with him.

A totally adorable couple.

How privileged we feel to share our life with Ralle and Miss Kitty!  Talk about love without limitations?  I am pretty sure the two of them feel the same.

As the saying goes... "Life is wonderful my friends, enjoy it while you can"

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