Saturday, May 7, 2016

Circus and Change

The primary elections here in the US is totally a circus!  Not only are most of the candidates like clowns but the rules for voting are as elusive as the old fashion "shell games."  Amazingly the man getting the most votes on the republican side, the man who: "was not going to get far" according to those in the know, he who was a "joke" is only gaining in the poles and getting the most votes.  Now the establishment and the credited news people and pundits, like Charlie Rose, are beginning to treat him as "Presidential".

Really Really Bad or Really Bad

I feel like Alice in Wonderland just having met the Mad Hatter!  How can it be?

Our next President?

On the other side of the ticket there is Hilary who gets all the press and ALL the money, while Bernie gets next to no press and only funding from those who send $20.00 or $30.00 at a time.  Yet he is right on Hilary's heels.

The season is changing here in California.  As you might already know there are two.  A green season and a brown season.  Better advertised as the gold one.  Hence, California with the golden hills.  The mountains are turning to the summer colour now but there is still precious rain in the forecast!

The mornings are still crisp and Garbo and we love it.  She keeps us busy, she keeps us grounded and she makes us realise what is most important.

The sun comes up and the sun goes down, day after precious day!  Displaying her glory, her beauty and her power.  Always different, yet the same.  I am grateful!

The jasmine is starting to bloom spreading that incredible fragrance  all around.  What else could one want?

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bloomin' Rosemary and April, April !

First a nice cup of coffee and a slice of toasted sour dough bread topped with creamy slices of avocado.  Followed by a long morning walk with Garbo around our Saturday morning quiet neighborhood.  Then a turn with the vacuum cleaner through our house, a job I almost detest.  Now time to jot down some of the months highlights, before those fade from memory.

As I walk those long walks often deep in thought, I have so many things I want to write down.  So many thoughts about so many things!  Where do they go when I need to bring those to the forefront?
These words written so that we, the Photographer and I, will have a record of "what and when" for the years to come.  Just for us and a few relatives and friends who care  enough to keep up with what we are up to now!  A bit like a diary.

March marched by as quick as a wink!  No, no less busy than the month before.

There was a Baby Shower.  Saint Patrick's Day, with the required American version of Irish food .

Lunch with a favorite Grandchild who introduces us to a young woman, his  delightful friend, who originally came from Russia.  Interesting conversations ensued.  There was Easter to prep for and Easter to celebrate.  Easter dinner prepared by the two "would be or should be" Chefs at Maria and Ray's.  A delectable feast of  among other things, Lamb Shanks, prepared so tasty that even I, who think Lamb tastes like old sweaters or wet socks, enjoyed it.

March was, as the month before, filled with dog park visits and exercise classes.  Bike rides and rain showers.  The countryside remains green and glorious with flowers and fruit trees in bloom all around.

We are looking forward to a fava bean harvest soon.  Beans planted by and plants cared for,  by Ray  who kindly supplies us with fresh veggies from his garden year around.  These beans were planted before Christmas and are now ready to be enjoyed in Fava Bean Soup, a precious and simple dish often prepared by my Grandmother during my childhood!

Lately we have been on a home baked bread kick.  Trying to avoid the bread from the market so loaded with sugars and preservatives that makes the store bought  bread stay fresh for months on end!  There is no doubt few things are as nice as taking a crusty loaf of bread out of the oven and slathering some real good butter on it and stuffing it into ones mouth.  Good bread!  Simple food!  A slice of a crunchy baguette would be great with a bowl of that Fava Bean Soup!

Now we wish for April Showers prolonging our green season!  It is time to spruce up the back deck, plant tomatoes and some bright colorful flowers!  Welcome SPRING!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Full February!

February was a "loaded" month and it is not yet at an end. It actually started with The Super Bowl! And what a shindig that is! Then , over and above the regular Garbo walks, the visits to Brigantino Park or the walks with the "pack" over in  Buddie, Gemma and Yuki's "hood" plus the various afternoons spent at the Morgan Hill Dog Park, there were celebrations galore!

We had the pleasure of a visit from my long time and forever friend Maud and parts of her family who came to spend a little time with us!

There was Valentines Day!

The Photographer and I celebrated our wedding anniversary!  The number of years look mighty big!

In honor of the day we took time out for a visit to one of our favorite cities, San Francisco!

Leaving Garbo at Lepa Dog for an overnight stay!  A new experience for us all.  Lepa Dog is a very nice Dog Hotel.  Garbo is in training for a long stay there come autumn, when we will attend the wedding of our granddaughter Kellie, who will marry her Prince Charming Derek.

Our day included a visit to the de Young Museum!

We enjoyed a great lunch!

The Photographer photographed!

We walked and Walked and WALKED!

Enjoyed fabulous views!

Enjoyed PERFECT weather!

Enjoyed a little wine!

Spent time in the Japanese Tea Garden!

Walked up and down Golden Gate Park!

According to our FitBits we logged more than 17,000 steps!  Finally ending the day with some shopping in the Ferry Building in the city, squeezed in a visit to IKEA and ended the day with a nice dinner!
It was not an ordinary day!
But be assured that was not the end of the February celebrations!

We have had a few guests here for lunch!  Spent an extraordinary dinner at some newfound friends home, where we were treated to fresh crab straight out of the ocean,  among other delectables!  I had a fun  "girls night out"  with a few of the ladies on our street.  We ate good, enjoyed cocktails or wine and laughed a whole lot!

Tonight we will attend The Oscars Gala at the future Chefs house as we have been invited to partake in Tapas and Champagne!

We welcome the month of March hoping to catch our breaths:-)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rain and "Heat"

January is almost gone!  Where?  Don't ask me.

The month gave us rain, lovely rain!  Soft, gentle and welcomed rain.  Not torrents and buckets but the kind the parched earth could actually absorb.  The mountain ranges are beautifully green and glorious, creating a feast for the eyes as far as one can see.  We are grateful!

Garbo put a "kink" in our everyday existence by coming into season.  AGAIN!  It appears she is an "every 5 monther"!  For the most part it is not a big issue other than the most intense days, when she desperately is looking for a "boy friend".  What works best for us is walking VERY early before the rest of the world is up!  The Photographer has been out with "the girl" while it is still dark, leaving me to luxuriate under the duvet, in the warm bed!  Lucky me!

The late afternoon walks have been in the company of Buddie, Gemma (who have been in the same situation = in heat), and Yuki.  Safe in the company of "the flock".  The dog park has been off limits of course, limiting real off leash running and frolicking other than in Buddie's and Gemma's back yard!  But soon, real soon we will be able to go and play with our other dog friends there again!

January has been a month when on Sundays we share "Family Dinners" taking turns cooking.  One Sunday the "Future Chef" and her Mom cooks, the next Sunday it is my turn.  Last Sunday it was dinner and football at their house.  We are coming up on the Super Bowl you know.  I will cook this coming Sunday, planning to serve Salmon in Lemon Brodetto with Pea Puree as the main course.  It is great  fun to have these get togethers as there are few things we enjoy more than cooking and sharing food with those we love!

Coming soon as I mentioned is the BIG Super Bowl!  We attend an  extravaganza in San Jose these days hosted so graciously by Leslie and Carl!  A tradition that goes back 35 years or so, started by Kenneth and Barbara way back... to keep the kids and myself company on that auspicious date!

Pretty awesome that the tradition continued in our absence during some of those years when we were "slaving" away at Oakhurst Feed and Pet Supply and could not get away, as well as during the period when we were living in Sweden.   It is a day we see people we do not get together with often enough!

A great day, no matter who the football teams are who are vying for the coveted Super Bowl Ring, or I should say that is true for some of us!  I am there for the food and the friendships and the family! We will have a GREAT time!

Via a former neighbor we were made aware that Ryssmöllan is on the market for sale once again.

Lot's of pictures on Hemnet to view!  Fun to see the changes yet not so sure that we are fond of Hyper Modern meets the Old.  My personal taste is for more cozy and comfortable verses the sparse and cold!  But yes, to each his own!

We miss parts of that Swedish life.  Most of all we miss the beauty of the Swedish landscape!  There is absolutely nothing like it!  Also the freedom to walk wherever we please, through forest and field and all the castle grounds and fabulous parks.  Yea... we miss that a lot!