Saturday, April 4, 2015


It was time for another road trip!  The Photographer loaded the car, prepared the backseat with Garbo's hammock and off we went.

Mister Cat promised to "hold down the fort" with help of the soon graduating culinary students Mother.

It just so happened that Saga, the Future STAR, was performing in yet another musical production,  so the timing was close to perfect!

Yes, our talented little ten and a half year old had been invited by the West High Theatre Department in Torrance California, to sing and dance in the high schools Spring Musical.  The name of the play was "BROADWAY .. a class assignment."  There were five performances for this production at the Scarlata Theater in Torrance.  Pretty exciting we think.  Four other fifth grade students from various elementary schools were also invited along with Saga to be members of the "Junior Ensemble" to sing a solo.  Yes, I am bragging!  Yes, I am!

This play was entirely performed, directed, choreographed and arranged by the students at West High.  Costumes were designed by the students as were most of the set designs, construction and lighting just as they were in the "The Jungle Book"; the last musical our grandchild was involved in.   I, for one, am totally "blown away" by how professional these productions are.  Impressive!  Fabulous!

The talent these young people possess is both inspiring and awesome.  Sitting in the audience watching these students sing, dance and perform it was impossible not to be emotionally moved.

Impossible not to reflect on how much better the world would be if ALL children and young people had the opportunity to use their various talents in this creative fashion.  It pains me to think of all the schools that no longer provide a curriculum including music, band, chorus and the arts due to financial constraints.  These young talented kids so full of energy and creativity made me forget what ails the world!

These kids sang and danced their way through some forty songs from Broadway plays from both the Golden Age, The Rock Rebellion and all the way through the more contemporary musicals.

Educating not only themselves about the various styles in both sound and "style" but all of us.

What a treat for both ears, eyes and the heart!

May they continue to be inspired. May they continue to inspire.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Awesome ARIZONA!

Neta, Rose Mary, Stephenie, Geri, Lucille, Elaine
Let me start by saying that Arizona is oooh so Arizona, with its mountain ranges, the amazing cactus and great architecture,  setting it far apart from any other State! I love Arizona.

There we were, some of my former coworkers and I, actually taking off from San Jose International on route to Scottsdale-Phoenix!  Never had I thought this was actually going to happen.  Yet, dreams do come true.  Obviously!

We, "The Perfectly Pitched H-P Purchasing People" did it again.

Beautiful downtown Scottsdale

Not long after David's and my return from Sweden we had our 1st Annual Get Together here in Hollister.  We, or many of us, had not met for close to 25 years!

It was quite a gathering, with Elaine, Arlene, Lucille, Rose-Mary, Geri, Steph and myself.
Event number 2 was immediately planned and hosted by Lucille early last summer.  Featuring an incredible Italian Feast.  Sadly Arlene was not able to join us, nor did she this 3rd time.  We reminisced about "Gladys".... missed her a lot.


Parting at Lucille's the two Arizona "transplants" suggested :  "Next Time Arizona!"
Sure, I thought..... When Pigs Fly:-)

Then towards the end of 2014 it was seriously suggested we all start thinking about our 3rd Annual Event.  Yea, time flies!

Again, we were all invited to Arizona.  We have room they said!  Just come!  Let us find a suitable timeframe?  With the Photographer working I thought perhaps an "overnighter" was a possibility for me.

The month of March became a focus.  A month when the temperatures in AZ are comfortable it was suggested by the "natives", then like magic dates were set.  At this point David had stopped working!
That was NOT the end of the MAGIC!  Nor the end of the MIRACLES... Oh NO!

Stephenie sent us all an email, letting us know that she had "use them or lose them" accumulated air miles due to some pretty significant time soaring high in the sky.  She wanted to treat us to the tickets.
How generous was that?  Lucille, Geri, and I; gratefully, thankfully, and full of marvel said:  Yes.  Thank you so very, very much!  WOW!  This was like winning the lottery!

We were gone for not an "overnighter" but for four days!  Being treated to days full of fun and adventure!  Put up in luxurious surroundings.  Stuffed full of fabulous food!  We went shopping and Bar Hopping.... yes, Stephenie was right.  While at a very quaint wine bar, where the music was so loud we had to shout to communicate, she quipped:  "I know why I do not do this anymore"!  I agreed!  I also did some quibbling about "tip money" shame on me:-(

At the baseball game.

We went to see a baseball game!  A practice game between the SF Giants and the Cubs.
There was sightseeing in both Sedona, (a place that is totally magical) and Jerome, an old mining town located in the Black Hills, more than 5,000 feet above sea level, with a spectacular view of the Verde Valley.

Those were some jam packed days let me tell you!
Maybe Pigs do Fly?

Thank you Elaine and RoseMary!  Thank you Stephenie!  Thank You All!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a trip that will never be forgotten.


Where do we go next?
New York City?
Las Vegas?
Fäviken, Sweden?
Hotel Dagmar,  Ribe, Denmark?
Stockholm, SE?
We better start planning:-) NOW!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lacking Inspiration

What does one do?

Where.... oh where can I pick up a bag of MOTIVATION?
Why this sense of  BLAH?
The weather?
The general state of affairs in the world?

It does not look pretty.

Even the Oscars Show was a drag and a dud.
The food on the other hand was "top notch".  The future Chef's Dad sure knows how to use his BBQ grill.

It is  good that  the Photographer is out catching images of bright, fun and interesting things.

Another great and good thing is that we have Garbo in our life.  Speak of a BRIGHT spot.  Rally Classes to go to.  Time for a bit of training each day.  Long fabulous walks.  Dog park visits and play dates with Gem, Buddie, and Yuki.  Hurrah for friendship!

For now, let us simply enjoy a few images of the beautiful, happy, joyful Garbo, some of her friends plus some other fun stuff:-)

She  always fills our heart.  She can always make us smile.

Heeere she is.........  Vi'Skaly's Tropical Hurricane.  Much, much better known as Garbo.

Now out with February and in with March, a month already full of great expectations!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Not Much

Nope, it has been slow go here.  Days running into each other.  Days when my thoughts flutter hither and yon and I just can't seem to get going, can't focus.

There was a great Super Bowl gathering.  Not that either the photographer nor I care much about the game itself.  The get together however is always fabulous.  A "tradition" that started well over thirty some years ago.  A day filled  with good food, good laughter, family and friends.  Since our return from Sweden the party has been graciously hosted by the Mother of our oldest grandchild.  The person with the "sweetest" TV.   Boy oh Boy the food!  This hostess reminds me of our Auntie Siri.

There are so many fabulous dishes in that kitchen it is hard to know where to start and none of us know how to stop!

It would be something to photograph and write about I thought?  Then realised the photographer did not bring his camera!!  That NEVER happens!

So, in lack of party evidence you will have to settle for the regular photo fare...

A little of this

A little of that

And Garbo of course!

Now we wish for rain!
Beg for some rain!
Dance for rain!
Pray for rain!

A LOT of rain!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Garbo On the Go

After a more than full and fun end of December, the photographer, Garbo and I loaded  our "pic and pack" in to the car, taking off for an adventure to north west Washington State.

Mr Kitty helping us pack.

We were going to take a breather, loaf around, and do some sight seeing in the area.

Portland, Oregon

A house had been rented for a few days.  Hot tub included… a good place for the traditional year end bath for a true Viking.  No, let me take that back.  They did not have hot tubs.  Not as we know them anyway.

View from our deck.  Sequim Bay

Garbo the Super Travel Trouper was a good girl, for the most part!  Guess any trip shorter than from Sweden to the States is a "shortie" to her.  She snuggles into her back seat sling and for the most part we did not know she was back there.  She liked the hotel stays too!  Those beds are BIG and oh so comfy!


The scenery both on the way, with the exception of the boring flat part of northern California, as well  as up there on the majestic Olympic Peninsula is truly beautiful!  One gorgeous Mountain or mountain range after another, starting with Mount Shasta.

We enjoyed some ocean views, some bird sanctuaries, walked in a few wilderness parks, visited Poulsbo, a very charming old Norwegian town, did some shopping and of course made a few visits to dog parks.  What else might one wish for.

Glad to be back home.

We drank champagne, ringing in the New Year, had good food and enjoyed our time away from home.  The best part was returning home of course.  It is a delight to see how glad Mister Cat is to have Garbo back home and vice versa.