Monday, May 28, 2018

Down Memory Lane

And then there was Mother's Day!

Nice breakfast, lazy day and all that.

We celebrated Mother's Day early at our daughters house.  Flowers on the dining room table, bubble wine and oh my gosh, Lobster Thermidor!  Prepared by the family Chef!  Fresh baked bread, artichokes a very good green salad, nice wine and a sweet desert.  What else could one ask?

The lobster dredged up a bunch of nostalgia.  Remembering The Bold Knight, a restaurant on Monterey Road, frequently visited back in the day and Vahl's in Alviso where Fredrik was introduced to lobster at the age of 12 and then he wanted to eat nothing else on his birthdays and other special occasions!  So be careful folks!  I would urge you  to not suggest to your children they try lobster, King crab, or scallops until they turn.... oh, around  the age of twenty-one!

So, with the Mother's Day gathering out of the way a day early, we were free to just "play"!  With the onset of "Thermidor Nostalgia" we, the Photographer, and I decided to do a little road trip down memory lane!  Namely Monterey Road.  A road so familiar.  A road where the Drive In movie theatre is located.  We used to go there often... the kids would lay on top of the car, to watch the movies.  Seven Trees Shopping Centre is there, where we would turn to go to the library, when the kids were young!  That same centre is  close to where Tony's Pizza is located.  And low and behold,  that old Italian Restaurant is STILL there!  The Photographer and I stopped on our way back home.  Indulged in one Stromboli each!  Yes, just the same, just as we remembered, so very good!  Still too much food to consume in one sitting, so enough for the next days lunch!  Yea, just as we remembered!

No Bold Knight, however!  We found out they closed  some where around 2016.  New apartment buildings on the old site.  An-Jans is still there, next to the railroad tracks.  Oak Hill Cemetery looks as if it's double in size.  Other than that, not much remains the same!  Saint Clair Hotel is there, No Eulipia's, No South Bay Lumber.

Memories float through our heads, lot's of memories!  It is nice that there are still some tiny shreds of "the old".  Not much, but just enough!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Viva Mexico

Finally!  After many years of resisting, I made it to Mexico!

For reasons unknown, it was not the place to visit.  Or so I thought!

The Photographer spent a lot of time in Mexico growing up!  His Maternal Grandmother lived there, and during his first few years he lived there as well!  Spending time with cousins and family, often trudging around with his Uncle.

The photographer made a sentimental journey together with JQ,  several years ago.  Revisiting many childhood places and  they had a great time.  While I stayed in Mariposa,  taking care of our place, our animals, and our Feed Store.  By choice!

Today I understand that many of my fears were unfounded.  The fear of Bandidos, drug dealers, and criminals.  Reminding myself,  that when I was leaving Sweden to move to America my Grandfather Teofil could not for the life of him understand,  why I would want to live so close to Chicago!  That was where all the gangsters lived!  For example: Al Capone and his gang.  Propaganda then, propaganda today!  Spread far and wild on the news.  Spread far and wide via movies and TV series.

Spread far and wide by the current President!

We wanted to explore one of the places in Mexico touted as one of the best places to retire, Ajijic!  A town located south of Guadalajara,  on the shore of Lake Chapala.

What a charming, colourful and delightful place it is!

A kind welcoming people, really good weather, great food, beautiful vistas, lot's of dogs and nice places to explore!  We also had a chance to see a bit of the town of Chapala.  A place less inundated by Gringos and therefore more affordable!  We would like to go back there again!  Yet another city high on my list of interesting places to visit,  is San Miguel de Allende!

Soon.... Perhaps SOON!

Monday, July 17, 2017

It's Been Too Long

After a long "dry spell" I need to record what's been going on around here, before it totally eludes me.

There was a wet winter that changed into a wet spring and the weather here continues to be strange. We kind of like it, especially Garbo who loves her morning walks in the cool misty mornings.
She is back to "normal" again, after being in "season".  A time during which she gets very introspective and distant.  It can be  hard, being a girl!

Garbo just finished her third session in "Nose Work" and we can proudly say she is getting pretty darn good at it!  Most importantly; she enjoys it a lot.  This last session, she was joined by her dog cousin Buddie.  He is a "natural" from the get go!  He would be able to get a job sniffing out sandwiches and other illegal contraband at the airport in no time.

Speaking of Buddie, we just finished a week of dog and horse sitting, at Maria's house.  She, along with the future Chef and the rest of the family, spent some time in Yellowstone National Park.  Our job was to let Buddie and Gemma out (opening the dog door) early in the mornings.  Then closing it at night.  Otherwise the two dogs would be out battling skunks and racoons.  Garbo likes being there too.  She gets to guard the ranch!  Smiles the entire time.  Unless it is time for a snooze.  We helped with chores such as watering their garden.  It is now producing loads of veggies!  While we were there we chomped on cherries and blackberries, beets and artichokes.  Nice!

Summer is here!  Yesterday was the first too warm day!  In the nineties!  Yikes!  Glad we have not had any of those up until now.  We escaped by going to the movies.  The plan was to see the new Planet Of The Apes film but while standing in line to purchase our tickets,  we realised that everyone was going to se that movie.  Opted out and we saw The Big Sick instead!  We and one other couple crammed into the theatre! :-)  It is a really good movie!  I recommend it highly.  We plan to see the Planet Of The Apes next weekend or maybe mid week instead.

So, all is well here!  Where we have had lot's of activities, lot's of guests, family and friends, dinners, lunches and dog walks, since last time we checked in here.  So  things are what we can call normal here.  With the exception that Garbo's best girlfriend Yuki has been on bed rest, due to a strained or pulled muscle, she has been missing those fun play dates.  Hopefully Yuki will be back in form soon,  so they can romp and play like "wildlings" again.  They both enjoy that, so much!

Till next time, hang in there!

Monday, January 2, 2017

( Not Quite ) In The Nick Of Time

As the year 2016 comes to an end, with Garbo at Bel Amour for her New Years "Do" and our 2017 calendars being filled in with important dates, appointments and friends and family birthdays, we wanted to take a few moment to close our Blog for this year!

36 Yr Anniversary
36 Yr Anniversary
Elliot in Memorial Day parade
Saga's visit
Saga's 12th birthday
Via the Photographers camera lens, a "picture cavalcade" of memories.

Walking Garbo

Cooking for yoga retreat

There will be a new start, as we look forward to 2017 with open arms and an open heart!  Trying to shed the doom and gloom!

Garbo playing with Yuki
Garbo's new friend Chunky
Friends of the Hood over for lunch

What I would like to promote however, just to "preach" a little, is: in an effort to put less stress on Mother Earth, let us try to reduce, cut back and minimise!  Be more aware of our choices and our consumption.  Rather than spending on stuff, spend time with people!

Amy's Baby Shower
Kellies Wedding shower
Hollister Civil War
Hollister air show
Hollister car show
Hollister motorcycle rally
Renaissance fair
Scotts Valley car show
This summer  as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the "Summer of Love" ... Let's  remember "Make Love not War!"   Once and for all!

New floor
Baking bread
Elliott's visit
Elliott at Karate Studio
Year 2016 ended with gatherings and family get togethers in a BIG way!  Christmas was great with our house filled to the brim with happy faces, extra doggies and people with full tummies!

Kellies Wedding

Robert and Lotta
We will end the year with more of the same!

Bicycling around Hollister

Fred cooking us breakfast
Good food, good drink, surrounded by people we love!

Shorey family Sunday dinners

Xmas 2016
Happy New Year to you all...Gott Nytt År and Feliz Ano Nuevo!