Saturday, April 4, 2015


It was time for another road trip!  The Photographer loaded the car, prepared the backseat with Garbo's hammock and off we went.

Mister Cat promised to "hold down the fort" with help of the soon graduating culinary students Mother.

It just so happened that Saga, the Future STAR, was performing in yet another musical production,  so the timing was close to perfect!

Yes, our talented little ten and a half year old had been invited by the West High Theatre Department in Torrance California, to sing and dance in the high schools Spring Musical.  The name of the play was "BROADWAY .. a class assignment."  There were five performances for this production at the Scarlata Theater in Torrance.  Pretty exciting we think.  Four other fifth grade students from various elementary schools were also invited along with Saga to be members of the "Junior Ensemble" to sing a solo.  Yes, I am bragging!  Yes, I am!

This play was entirely performed, directed, choreographed and arranged by the students at West High.  Costumes were designed by the students as were most of the set designs, construction and lighting just as they were in the "The Jungle Book"; the last musical our grandchild was involved in.   I, for one, am totally "blown away" by how professional these productions are.  Impressive!  Fabulous!

The talent these young people possess is both inspiring and awesome.  Sitting in the audience watching these students sing, dance and perform it was impossible not to be emotionally moved.

Impossible not to reflect on how much better the world would be if ALL children and young people had the opportunity to use their various talents in this creative fashion.  It pains me to think of all the schools that no longer provide a curriculum including music, band, chorus and the arts due to financial constraints.  These young talented kids so full of energy and creativity made me forget what ails the world!

These kids sang and danced their way through some forty songs from Broadway plays from both the Golden Age, The Rock Rebellion and all the way through the more contemporary musicals.

Educating not only themselves about the various styles in both sound and "style" but all of us.

What a treat for both ears, eyes and the heart!

May they continue to be inspired. May they continue to inspire.