Saturday, September 26, 2015

Among those who DARED!

The "DARE" title has been hanging out there for some time now.  Inspired by something I no longer remember.

It's been very busy here of late, it has been too warm the last few days to even think and inspiration to write has been lacking to say the least.

Today was a really wonderful day.  A bit overcast, cool, and for our evening walk with Garbo it rained!

Autumn is upon us.  The mulberry leaves announcing the arrival of fall with its fallen dry cup like leaves rolling down the lane with its specific crinkled paper sound.  Fall tickles our noses with its peculiar fragrances.

We have gone from temperatures in the high 90's (thank goodness there are few of those) to temps in the 50's in a flash!

The Photographer who is forever exploring alternate this and alternate that has lately been stuck on SMALLER and LESS, making me who came from apartment living in the Stockholm region realise I have been a fan of SMALLER all along.

When I first arrived in America the cars here were flashy and HUGE!  I was used to Saabs, Volvos and yes, busses and cable cars.

My very first home was a mobil home (a small Airstream) permanently placed in a trailer park.  After that a much larger and very elegant "mobil home" hardwood floors, fabulous kitchen and all.  Coming up in the world home number three was a Town House.  No one in the part of the world where I then lived had heard of such a thing!  A Town WHAT?  We are after many various houses,  cottages and yes even a windmill back in one of those.  A Town House that is.

It has been good to choose "different."  A Volkswagen before any one else had one.  A BMW when no one knew what those were.  Leaving everything behind and going to Europe for close to a year like the Photographer did.  Changing jobs or quitting our "secure jobs" and starting something new.

Moving to a different country and then back again.  The changes have all been exhilarating and sometimes frightening, yet endlessly rewarding!

Giving away, selling, dumping and downsizing makes the load lighter, the burden less heavy and it frees you from worry!  Less IS more!

We have a distant family member by the name of Mari who right now is walking The Camino or  The Compostela de Santiago. Spending weeks on end living out of a back pack, walking! One foot in front of the other. One step at the time.  Mile after mile!  Proving what you can do and that you CAN do,  with very little.  Forever enriching her life.  She is a total inspiration!  Now THAT  is daring!

Being different.  Doing something different.  Changing ones life.  Ones occupation.  Ones life style. That too is daring!

Hurrah for change we say as we are heading into a new season!

Talking about those who dare.... As I sit here, safe and secure, people from the war torn countries Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, keep pouring into Europe.  Listening to "Rapport" the news on SVT,  Swedish Television tonight.  5,200 persons arrived in Sweden in the last TWO days, looking for a new start, a new life with new possibilities and opportunities!

Thomson Reuters

The American government announced yesterday they would welcome 10,000 persons from Syria in the coming year.  It seems to me a pitifully small number considering the wealth and the size of this country.  Enough said!