Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rain and "Heat"

January is almost gone!  Where?  Don't ask me.

The month gave us rain, lovely rain!  Soft, gentle and welcomed rain.  Not torrents and buckets but the kind the parched earth could actually absorb.  The mountain ranges are beautifully green and glorious, creating a feast for the eyes as far as one can see.  We are grateful!

Garbo put a "kink" in our everyday existence by coming into season.  AGAIN!  It appears she is an "every 5 monther"!  For the most part it is not a big issue other than the most intense days, when she desperately is looking for a "boy friend".  What works best for us is walking VERY early before the rest of the world is up!  The Photographer has been out with "the girl" while it is still dark, leaving me to luxuriate under the duvet, in the warm bed!  Lucky me!

The late afternoon walks have been in the company of Buddie, Gemma (who have been in the same situation = in heat), and Yuki.  Safe in the company of "the flock".  The dog park has been off limits of course, limiting real off leash running and frolicking other than in Buddie's and Gemma's back yard!  But soon, real soon we will be able to go and play with our other dog friends there again!

January has been a month when on Sundays we share "Family Dinners" taking turns cooking.  One Sunday the "Future Chef" and her Mom cooks, the next Sunday it is my turn.  Last Sunday it was dinner and football at their house.  We are coming up on the Super Bowl you know.  I will cook this coming Sunday, planning to serve Salmon in Lemon Brodetto with Pea Puree as the main course.  It is great  fun to have these get togethers as there are few things we enjoy more than cooking and sharing food with those we love!

Coming soon as I mentioned is the BIG Super Bowl!  We attend an  extravaganza in San Jose these days hosted so graciously by Leslie and Carl!  A tradition that goes back 35 years or so, started by Kenneth and Barbara way back... to keep the kids and myself company on that auspicious date!

Pretty awesome that the tradition continued in our absence during some of those years when we were "slaving" away at Oakhurst Feed and Pet Supply and could not get away, as well as during the period when we were living in Sweden.   It is a day we see people we do not get together with often enough!

A great day, no matter who the football teams are who are vying for the coveted Super Bowl Ring, or I should say that is true for some of us!  I am there for the food and the friendships and the family! We will have a GREAT time!

Via a former neighbor we were made aware that Ryssmöllan is on the market for sale once again.

Lot's of pictures on Hemnet to view!  Fun to see the changes yet not so sure that we are fond of Hyper Modern meets the Old.  My personal taste is for more cozy and comfortable verses the sparse and cold!  But yes, to each his own!

We miss parts of that Swedish life.  Most of all we miss the beauty of the Swedish landscape!  There is absolutely nothing like it!  Also the freedom to walk wherever we please, through forest and field and all the castle grounds and fabulous parks.  Yea... we miss that a lot!