Monday, March 12, 2012

A Tribute to Charles McClure

Over the course of a lifetime you get to meet a lot of different people, this was especially true for us during all those years at Oakhurst Feed.  Some of our treasured customers are "with us" still.
We met Charles as a customer, and what great customers he and his wife Anne became!  Charles was a "regular"customer as he had horses, dogs and his wife keeps a little parrot.  Those animals were very well taken care of.

After an eight month long battle with issues of ill health and aging "he met his Maker" yesterday as his wife puts it.  His struggle was hard and bravely fought.  One wonders when its time to give it up?  Do we do so consciously?  In time I suppose I will know, as we are all going down that path...
David reminded me of a line from the movie "Little Big Man" with Dustin Hoffman.  A quote from a scene with  Chief Dan George who said: " it is a good day to die " ......

Charles will be missed by many, family and friends alike.

We still stay in touch with Anne who has given us updates on his situation and we are grateful for the sharing of news and so well understand the struggles,

such as glasses lost.....  sometimes frustrations were connected to lack of care and caring by personnel  at the home where he stayed.  Frustrations that seem so universal.

Yet the memories are fond and good ones.  His dogs always in the back of his suburban, waiting for their "cookie".  His impeccable horse barn and his love for those horses.  Recalling too when he "adopted" a horse that had been neglected and was so undernourished.

We also remember when he and Anne started keeping cattle.  The cows ended up as "models" for many a painting by Anne.  Beautiful images.. but yes that is another story...

So,  the man who dealt in cars for the major part of his life even had the pleasure of enjoying the "ranch life"  and playing the cowboy.  I think Charles loved it!

Time flies oh so swiftly and a life in the here and now is gone, but NOT forgotten.. there will be many a time when we will look at each other and say: "Do you remember when Charles invited us to dinner at his and Annes beautiful place"...... or,  "do you remember that time when we brought hay for his horses and"...

No matter how we howl at the changes we have to endure.  No matter how difficult or hard life can seem at times we ultimately sort it out.

Choosing to remember the good parts.  "Hey Charles, how are you doing?"  "Oh, you need a truckload of alfalfa?"  We'll send Brian right over and he will be sure to bring a couple of "cookies" for your dogs!"  See you later.  We miss you Charles!