Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring All Around

See...  it is here!  See... is it here?  Switch two little words, it can make all the difference,  one day there is nothing.  The next day....

Wham, Bang and Magic.

Shadows are sharper

Colors are brighter.

Mourning Doves cooing.  Geese flocks chatting.  Birds tweeting.  Swan wings whooshing.

All while the ice is melting.  But oh, what do I see out my window now?  It is SNOWING!  Big juicy fat flakes.... teasing, teasing, teasing us all.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spring Tease

Chirping birds is a sound full of hope and promise,

tiny signs of green shoots too

and clear blue sky up above.

Yellow Crocus sightings.......

if only amidst this glow the strong winds would slow

but it keeps howling.

Still, nestled between the trees

there are some very brave bees........ daring...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick Quick The Ice Is Melting

The ICE has something to offer all the senses!

In all its many variations. Ice on a field for just sliding.

Ice creations at the beach as "eye candy".

Ice is for skating.

Snow for skiing.
Ice at the oceans edge for "daring".
Attached to trees and bushes creating glitter.
Making soggy mushy places hard as rock, eliminating paw wiping and muddy shoes!

While falling in the form of snow the air has a scent that tickles the nostrils.

It silences the waves.

Frozen sand is transformed into amazing solid patterns.

For us to enjoy as a Slushy a "clink"in a glass or Oooh, that frozen cream.  We scream for Ice Cream!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Making Friends

Yep, here we come!  Where ever we go there is the "MAGNET"!  Ralle simply draws attention where ever he goes.  Truly an ambassador for his breed.

WOW, what kind of dog is that?  Never saw such a large dog!  Can I/We pet him? Those where the excited kids comments...

This week is Sportlov here.  Similar to Spring Break in the States, so many places that otherwise are quiet and empty other than for an occasional dog and his or her owner are presently busy places.  These particular kids were making snowmen, grilling hot dogs, drinking hot chocolate and all having a fun time in the snow.  Yesterday morning during our Svedberga walk we happened upon a big group of little people (preschoolers) hiking across the wooded hill toting sleds.  All excited heading for a clearing with a really nice long hill.  Every one equipped with a back pack most likely filled with a sandwich, fruit and a hot drink.  A nice way to spend a large part of the day.

Many families will head up to the mountains in the northern region of this long country for a week of skiing.  My cousin J-O and his entire "bunch" consisting of children and grandchildren traditionally rent a house every year.  Share cooking chores etc. and have a blast together.

We on the other hand, those of us who are not on Spring Break, simply enjoy each day as it comes. We treasuring every splendid and beautiful moment.

Walking toward the harbor in Jonstorp this particular day we marvel over the color of the water at the edge of the rocky shore....

Emerald-Aquamarine -Amber - Turquoise ---- an iridescent ribbon glittering at the edge of the ice.

The same color as the waterfalls and the incredible ponds in the Grand Canyon where the Havasupai Indians live........ and THAT my dear friends is another story to be told........

Lives Pleasures and Little Annoyances

Weather wonderful!  This mornings dog walk was in full sunshine through parts of Pålsjöskogen and around some nearby fields.  Then a quick visit to Helsingborg before heading back home.

Coast Guard in Helsingborg Harbor

Great day with the Senior Stroll.  Slippery roads made us "walkers" glad to have wheelchairs to hang on to!  It is great to have been asked to participate in this activity.  Some of these residents are sharp as tacks and teach me a thing or two.  There are also stories being told about this house or that.  So history lessons as we go.  These walks are highlights not only for the senior residents but for me as well. Chuckle at the term "senior residents" ... like we who are not residents, (yet) we who wheel them around, are a bunch of Spring Chickens :-)

Then to the........ where did I leave my key?  Oh NO I am late!  Long line at the grocery store Grrrr...... Why is there no Ramlösa Original on the store shelf?  And the milk CARTON!  We purchase milk from a local creamery in an effort to support farmers as nearby as possible (incidentally this creamery Skånemejeriet recently became Danish and is according to the newspaper soon to be French owned).

But, back to the CARTON!  It is no longer a Tetra carton.  My guess is the company (like everyone else) is trying to save a buck or two. They must have purchased a cheeper version of the milk carton........ the quality and the construction is similar but NOT the SAME and it is driving me to distraction.  When you open the top it tears incorrectly so milk flows in strange directions.  When one grabs a hold of the box the sides "implode" and the milk wells out of the top!  Not a good way to start the day as the milk ends up on the counter if we are lucky, or on the floor rather than in the coffee.

Boy, am I glad I got THAT off my chest!  Feel better already.  Now, out we go with the beautiful Ralle .. it's going to be a grand day!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Same Place New Look

There they all are WAITING!  "Here they come" we can see them think.  "Thank goodness, we are famished"

With happy ducks behind us we stroll through the park with Ralle happily checking every corner, every tree, every bush......

It is a special place this, we enjoy it every SPECIAL day ---

whatever "dress" it is wearing, green, white, gold-

or any other shade in between at Krapperup Caste and the wonderful park.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mondays Snow and Ice -14c.

WOW, what a morning!  The night was foggy creating frost that clung to everything!

Good morning Sunshine......

Theodore's, Fredrika's and Sigrid's house was nestled among trees that looked silver...

With the "wind giants" towering way above the mist!

The snow, the ice  and bright sunlight in Farhult made it seem like you could see forever!

It was an especially busy morning for the geese.  Flying and landing on and over the ice,  from our vantage point the birds looked like swarming bees.

 the harbor barnacles are frozen solid

Rocks nearby are wrapped in ice with geese in the distance flying and landing, "talking" the entire time.

Strange how when it is so quiet one can hear so MUCH.........

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday's Snow and Soup.

After spending a really nice evening with warm hearted and genuine people who treat us to great food, drink, and nice conversation we go home and hit the sack......... and wake up to SNOW!  Ralle flies out the door to roll and slither in the white stuff.

After a quick stop to pick up some fennel, onions and pears at a store along the way we are off to our favorite nearby castle.

While we are away little Miss Kitty wears herself out bird watching through the window.  Tallow and Seed balls being frantically consumed.  It's hard to find food in the snow so we assist.  Yes, we should have pictures....  we know..

The park is dressed up sparkling white and well dusted with snow when we arrive!

The color of the trees with bare branches seem to have  new shades,

and manicured bushes look like cakes sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Now, when we get home those fennel bulbs, onions and pears that we have in the car, they will be mixed with a little olive oil, cooked for a few minutes before adding water and some apple cider.  Some salt, pepper and a couple of bay leaves tossed in.  Simmer, simmer....... out with the bay leaves, in with the "bolt motor" bzzzzzzzz.

Served with a dab of yogurt and some snipped fennel fronds for lunch, yum, yum... recipe courtesy of David Lebovitz

This rider will need something warm too, when they get home.  We'd be glad to share..