Friday, March 2, 2012

Mist and Mystery

"Dead Man Woods" is what we call this beautiful place.  AKA Väla Skogen.  We visit it often.  It is a place with wonderful paths and walkways, where some time ago a badly decomposed body of a man was found.  There was a lot of hullaballoo in the paper.......... since then ..nothing.  Not a word.  Not that we care, we go there often.  Funny, but today it is less busy.

With the eery mist and fog hanging between the trees it is easy to imagine all sorts of sordid, frightening  and morbid thoughts as to how and why this man -  whoever he was -  ended up there in the middle of this forest.  Is it a story about a man such as in a Stieg Larsson novel,  some extremist done away with  for some reason?

Or more of a Serbian, Albanian or Russian mafia member, a Jens Lapidus sort of man, who ended up dead due some disagreement with the mob?

Then there are the Bandidos who do battle with The Hells Angels I read.  Could this poor dead man  have come in between them or might he have been a member who knew too much?

Who knows?  Perhaps the man found here was just out for a stroll, had a heart attack and just fell over?
But why would no one miss him?  Oh, the mystery of it all...... wait, wait.....  perhaps his wife was tired of him not helping around the house fed him rat poison or killed him with a frying pan or a rolling pin. Brought him out here in the dead of night using the wheel barrow.  My imagination is running wild, the possibilities are endless...

We better just keep walking.  Oh NO!  Who is lurking yonder?  Could it be someone from the Cosa Nostra, looking for buried loot?  See he has a metal or treasure sniffing dog along!  Looks like they found something out in that field..  better go home... I will keep reading my current Camilla Läckberg detective story I might get some more good ideas from her.

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