Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Glad Påsk and Happy Easter too

Cock-a-doodle-doo to you all!

Here we go again!  Our city is decorated to the hilt with not only amazing flower arrangements but also the Feather arrangements.  So fun, so bright, so Swedish!  When I think of how creative people have been through the ages.  In an effort to welcome Easter and with a desire to brighten homes when flowers were not available this was it!  Wonder if it started with just chicken feathers, since the chickens generally molt at this time.  However the idea was born it is bright and fun.

Eggs will be consumed in large quantities, decorated and deviled.  Here the variations of herring will play a lead role also along with ham or lamb for the meat eaters.  Another food fest for sure.

Time flies, days and weeks pass quickly and the landscape is changing even quicker around here.  Farmers are planting and kids have Easter Vacation.

Many people have time for family gatherings and out door activities since there are three RED (holidays) days between now and the 10th of April.

It is impossible for me to not think of Annika at Easter, remembering her disappointment and or surprise when she discovered there were no days free from work in America for Easter celebration.  Here most will go home early on Thursday and will not have to go back to work until Tuesday.  Nice!

The weather is a bit fickle!  Some snow today.  Windy!  Chilly!  Beautiful none the less.  Walked along Landborgspromenaden this morning with its fabulous vistas.  Awesome to say the least.

Looking forward to the Rhododendron blooming in the park at Sofiero and a visit with Mary coming all the way from Montana.

by:  Karen- The Graphics Fairy
Kuckeliku alla Ni!

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