Wednesday, June 26, 2013

so.... what's going on?

On a morning walk crossing the golf course by one of the ponds where we often see "all the ducks in a row" we came across this image with a flock of birds all lined up on fence, roof and weather vane.  The photographer snapped a picture at my request. It is NOT a good picture, even I realize that now...... however, here it is.

David went for a bike ride, passing pepper, lettuce and "strawberry fields forever",

past harvested hay fields

with bales waiting for stacking. Here you have a  typical picture of  "California, the Golden  State" with her golden beautiful hills.

Lunch..... Salmon Salad Nicoise!

A visit from our Veterinarian George McKay of Mount Madonna Veterinary Clinic.  He and his wife Gwen have a mobile clinic.  They are just fabulous!  We are still working on the Therapy Dog paper work....... Vet check done!

Rhubarb Extract?  Rabarber Saft sounds a lot better...... earning a top shelf position in the fridge.

Yum.  It looks so GOOD!

Mister Cat wondering what kind of "trouble" he might get into next? ^..^

Here the Vi'Skaly's Duo is keeping four eyes on the "hood"!

It was a warm Monday, we took the Ralle Dog to the beach for a walk, needing perhaps not a "Big Chill",  but a Cool Down.

There are loads of photo ops in Monterey,

such as a ground squirrel and a crow,

Lovers Point,

games in the park,

some seal watching and with luck, one might even see whales frolic out in the bay.  Currently there is a lot of whale and dolphin activity in Monterey Bay.  Our recent University Graduate has a summer job as an intern,  helping to count them.  Not a bad gig!

We managed a shot of a baby deer running down the street, desperately trying to keep up with Mom.

And as always, making friends.

Heading home....... tired dog in tow...... So,  there you have a  little bit of  "what's going on" making me think of the lyrics to an old  Marvin Gaye song.
Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ralle at the Antique Car Show

Right down the road  from where we  live,

you  find San Benito County Historical Society and the Historical Park.

They arrange a lot of various fun events throughout the year.

Sunday before last, we could see all sorts of old cars pass by our house.

As we were spending a lazy day, doing nothing...

we took Ralle for a drive

and had the pleasure of going to "gawk" at the cars in the park!

As David put it,  and true it is; "you are NEVER to old to be a kid", this group proved that!

We met a bunch of nice people who had such fun!  The cars so beautifully restored.

Like Alfred Hitchcock Ralle makes a cameo appearance.

Not a bad way

to spend a bit of time...

No pre - planning.

No charge!

Just loads of gorgeous cars, a couple of  dogs,

and  enthusiastic car owners, who were dressed to a T!!

Sandwiches and drinks being sold,

friendly chatter,

proud owners,

lot's of boys,

with their TOYS;-)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Day with Neta and HER Camera

There was NO camera in my life until now.  Some people are slow.  My children, especially our youngest one, often wonders why there are so few pictures of them growing up?  The answer is simple.  There was no camera!  My Big Sister was given a camera as a gift, when we were very young.  It was a Brownie.  I remember it so well.  No one gave me a camera;(

Well, I have one now!  Wooohooooo!
Our family pictures back in the day, long ago, when our children were children, were taken by photographers in a studio.  We made dates, faithfully, almost every year.  Good old Olan Mills.

Now it is my turn.  My subjects are the people, pets and things I treasure most!
Here are two of the most important guys... napping!

Then our most fabulous birthday girl

taking a spin on a new bike

and checking it out!

Ralle aka Vi'Skaly's Ralph Lauren,  on the sofa.

Relaxing and watching TV!  Jack Bower?  Or was it James Bond?

Treasured memories of loves lost.... Una and Rontu.

Next  the "other man" in my life, Mister Kitty.  He is gonna get that bird!

These Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies with flaked salt were not much to look at, but mighty tasty.

So, other passions appearing in picture form will most likely be FOOD.
The best kind, does not have to be complicated to be awesome.  Something as simple as really good Santa Cruz sourdough bread, with buttery ripe avocado, is for me, a great California breakfast or lunch.   PERFECT either way!

This guy will be a favorite subject as he is absolutely irresistible.

Funny how water tastes so much better out of the water pitcher than the water bowl?

There will be flowers!  I find such delight in the colors, the fragrance, the sheer and simple joy they impart.

Opening the  gate to our court yard,

finding bougainvillea,

calla lilly, nasturtium, pelargonium

and all those roses, make my heart leap!

And of course our family!
Depicted here is the future Chef and her Mom, who is trying hard to NOT smile.  The future Chef........ well, she almost always does.

Capturing images of LOVE is difficult and I am not so certain I will succeed ...... but there, there is some of mine!!