Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"A Rocks In Your Pockets" Kind Of Day

or bricks would be more like it.

We leave the Palos Hacienda early to get Ralle out for a walk as we often do.  Destination Höganäs our nice  little coastal town where it always is fun for the big fuzzy one.  There is so much NEWS  to "read".  This day we have a date with our "personal bank person" so the walk needs to be brisk and not too long.
It is windy as all get out!

The grass is laying down.

We, according to the paper (there I go again) are in the throes of hurricane Katia who has been raging on the US east coast.  Wind gusts in the range of 24 meters per second and upwards are predicted here.  Good exercise!  Ralle looks akin to a seal depending on the direction he is facing.  Is he careful when he lifts his leg?  Ha, ha and heck no......

As we head back to the car after our walk the cell phone rings.  A nice lady at the "other end" informs me that Louise, our "personal bank"... yea, you got it, she is ill and not at work today, we need to reschedule......


OK no rush now,  so let's drive to quaint little Mölle to check things out before returning home.
Big wind = Big waves = Surfers!
Guess what?
There she is!
So much for being sick!  Bad girl Louise!

Surfer Out in the Wild

That was our morning.  How was yours?

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