Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Rock

What makes this rock so special?  I am not sure.  Neta and I often take Ralle for a walk on a hill behind our house called Svedberga.  Every time I walk past this rock I am intrigued by it.  I am not sure why?  But this time I was compelled to take a picture of it and make its presence known to my world in cyberspace.

I now realize that I should have had something by it to give it some perspective.  The rock is about 4'x2'x2'.

What is it about this rock?  Should I name it?  Does it hold some kind of significance that I will some day realize?  Time will tell.  The imagination could go wild here.  What stories could be told.  What happened here?  Or what will happen?  I hope I have awakened whatever it is to give me more clues.

1 comment:

  1. It looks to me like a very badly weathered grindstone from an ancient windmill.