Sunday, September 18, 2011

A little SAGA

Having young grandchildren is a boon!
Really young children will teach you that dust balls are fun for one thing.  We adults almost always anguish over the presence of such fuzz,  while the kids find them amusing.

The children sing out loud and enjoy doing so, while we the adults worry about if we sing out of tune or not.

The same is true for dancing!

Children laugh about 300 times a day!  How many times did you even lift the corners of your mouth today?

Children are artistic naturally.  We gawk at the drawings they bring home from school, post them on our refrigerators with great pride.  We adults criticize each others efforts endlessly.  Hampering rather than encouraging........ Artist this, singer that, writer, author, cook.........

Saga who who just turned seven spent some time with us this summer just sang, danced, cooked, drew, played, laughed and loved Ralle our Great Pyrenees totally uninhibited, with fabulous joy and confidence as almost all children do.

These  are a few examples of her artistic bent.  She drew pictures of human emotions in no time at all.  She captures it so well.  May she never lose the desire to sing, dance, draw, laugh, love, play and cook!

Looking at these drawings makes me feel happy, so I look at  them
again and again.

Now I am sharing.


  1. Thank you for showing those remarkable drawings! She’s a budding artist for sure, and I know what I’m talking about what with my own daughter’s ability at age seven, then continuing on with her work till she achieved professional status. Keep it up, Saga!

  2. Thank you Agneta for posting this. I never saw these drawings this summer, and I really like them.
    Yes, our daughter is very artistic and I love that side of her (too)! The school awards she has gotten ("Awsome artist" and "Super singer") says it all, don't they?
    Love // Annika

  3. So glad to see that Saga is a happy, laughing, dancing, singing, fun 7 year old. Just heard on the news this morning that in a survey of children around the world, US children ranked among the unhappiest. Just another of those depressing survey results we are constantly bombarded with here in America. Seldom get any positive news.