Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just HOLD it !

Got up out of bed this morning.  That is always good, being able to get out of bed that is.  Stretch, yawn and yep all parts seem to be working.

Look out the window to see what kind of a day we will have weather wise.  Can not say I was awakened because the sun was shining in my eyes.

Realize as I gaze out that the oak tree is changing color, see tinges of bronze.  Same thing with the birch leaves, those are getting yellow edges.  Now just wait a minute!  It is NOT autumn yet for "crimmenies" sake.  Fall does NOT start until NEXT Friday!

As this  season comes to an end I will take advantage of some of it's bounty.  So "Slow Roasted Herbed Plum Tomatoes" as well as "Anne's Tomato Sauce" will be on the agenda.  Placed in the freezer so at a  later date they will play the lead role on both Pizza and Pasta.  Mmmmmm!

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