Monday, September 5, 2011

Reflextions and the Ever Changing Wind

This is a BIG weekend in our circle of family and friends.
Labor Day in America is one thing, many people get an extra day to play, BBQ, go to the State Fair or perhaps all of those things.  Kanako and "Mariposa Mud" as well as Pam with her jewelry will be at the Mariposa Fair showing their wears.  Cannot but remember when our grandchildren would come for the event.  Ride the rides, eat Cotton Candy, Corn Dogs and Indian Tacos until we all were stuffed and sometimes sick from the combination.

This week end Ryan turns twenty! A new era waiting.

Kellie has made the transition from Almaden to Seattle.  New job starting next week.  She will be closer to her boy friend who is attending law school nearby.

Linnea is in Rhode Island ready and eager to get started at Jonsson and Wales University where she will study culinary science.

Maria and Ray will be "empty nesters".

Gary is back home attending DeAnza University instead of New Mexico Tech where life became close to unbearable being stuck in the "boonies".  The combination of  an extremely demanding curriculum and NEVER any fun just had to give way to more balance.  He is also working as a "grunt" at a local veterinary office cleaning cages.  Maria did that too a long time ago.

So the family dynamic at Leslie and Carl changed too with one child gone and another child back.

At John's and Maria Victoria's too,  where Kellie will reside for a while,  C J will have another girl in the house.  Kevin did decide (together with some other family members) to stay in Seattle to go to a local college rather than go back to the University in Northern Arizona.  So there is a full house.

Amy and Robert are moving to Paris.  Yes, Paris France, on Tuesday!  Adventures await.  We wish them well.  It will be great for them of that I am sure.

One of our dear neighbors is having surgery tomorrow so we send good thoughts for a speedy recovery.  It will be a reason to cook some chicken soup and deliver that to their doorstep.

There is nothing like long walks with "Ralle Raringen" to clear the mind, straighten the head, and the thoughts.  It is a great time for reflection and enjoying nature.

How lucky we are to be here.  We can walk ANYWHERE for one thing.  Try THAT in California!  No "No Trespassing" or "Protected by Smith & Wesson" signs here.

The farmers around here have pretty well finished the grain harvest now.  They are continuing with the cabbage.  The potato harvest was supposed to have been extremely good this year until all the rain started.  Now there are many fields that have been too wet to get into and the potatoes are rotting.  Prices will sky rocket, yea you know how it goes.

What I reflect on more however,  is the fact that yet another growing season is coming to an end.  Fields are being plowed and will be allowed to "rest",  getting ready for another round!  Boy, where does the time go?  We are heading into autumn.  Yikes!  Again!

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