Friday, August 5, 2011

Quit the news & the paper. Just Sing Along at Skansen

When I see, read and watch the cruelty and injustice that is happening both far away and around me it is difficult to not react.  Some say it is not "my thing" no, it is not MY problem, no I should NOT get involved.  Is that the right way to be??  No I do not think so.  Both on a personal level and just in general it is hard not to have thoughts and views on some of the various situations.

Just watched a T V program regarding violence on the streets of London, well not only on the streets, also on the bus and in the subway.  People being severely beaten up, some actually killed by individuals, couples and groups of crazy people for seemingly no reason. What is wrong with these people?

Perhaps I should stop watching the news?

 Reading the paper each morning here I wonder does it happen as often there, in the U S, as here?  All this violence ?  Yes I have wondered before.  Do old ladies get knocked off their walkers and their purses ripped off as often in New York as in Helsingborg?  These kinds of crimes are perhaps too insignificant to write about in the New Your Times unless some one gets severely hurt ? I just want to know.  And then where does all this anger come from?  How can you, at the age of between 14  to  20 years have so much fury?  How can a person  do this  to some ones (perhaps their  friends) Grandmother? Young kids stomp in to the little shops in a group here in Helsingborg and demand the cash in the cash drawer. The shopkeeper turns the money over to them.  If they are caught they go unpunished because they are too young to be held accountable. It is pretty sad.

Should I stop reading the newspaper?

Other headlines of course are really funny to me. People work too much overtime I read yesterday and therefore suffer greatly from stress. Read that in the headlines in the U S ?  Yes of course working overtime becomes stress full, we did all the time, (no wonder we are the way we are),  as do loads of people, no lunch, no break or whatever. Guess we just did not see it in the headlines of the San Jose Mercury News.

Yet another hilarious big issue here is dog poop! The opinion pages here are filled with complaints about just dog poop. Not picked up,  or picked up but placed in a garbage can too close to the bus stop or  picked up and placed in the WRONG garbage can or thrown along  with  it's plastic bag at the side of the road or.......... In Madrid, Spain they had "poop patrol" workers on motor scooters with vacuum tanks! Pretty wild. No one there seemed to bother picking up after their dog at all. Perhaps the citizens of Madrid wrote to the editor in the paper too. I did not read the news there.

No, I must  stop this ! I think I am going to get my neighbors together and start a Bread Baking Circle and STOP the paper!  Shall call them tomorrow. It would absolutely be more fun ! Maybe I'll throw out the T V too. We could have a "Bread Baking and Bitching Session".  I'll take that back since I am the only one "bitching", no one else does that here.  Just me. Here everyone stays calm, makes no waves, no matter what!   Bread or no bread.........


  1. Bread or no bread--- thank you. Just some rambling

  2. Quitting the newspaper is a good idea. I have wanted to subscribe to a magazine I used to take years ago, but I’m not going to do it. Because I know it will only agitate me, and I really don’t need that anymore.

    Living among 600+ acres of horses has immunized us to poop.