Sunday, July 17, 2011

Requiem to Kitty Bosse

He will not be waiting by the glass door.  He will not rub against my leg, looking up at me begging for that herring.  Nor will he sleep next to Ralle and David for an after the dinner snooze as he so often did.

He went exploring just like Columbus did.  Christopher Columbus left from Port of Palos in Spain, to go looking for "The New World".  Bosse left from the Palos home, not exactly a port but still his harbor, to seek bigger and more exciting things like fatter mice and new territories.

While Linnea was here he slept first IN her suitcase.  Then she decided that closing the lid was a good idea, so he slept on top of it.  It was also great to trim the claws on, that suitcase.  Then he left one night and was gone for several days.  Worry, worry, worry we did as so many times before, starting with the May trip to Uppsala, now seemingly such a long time ago.  His times away varied from a night or two, to ten days or so.

He was "fixed" so as to not go searching for ladies, he had a number tattooed in his ear, registered with the Swedish Kennel Registry so if lost and found he would be returned to us, hopefully.  Or at the least we would be notified if he was found.

Well, Linnea left, her suitcase with cat hair attached!  Once she was in the air we distributed fliers all around our area, concentrating on the little village of Mjöhult a couple of miles away.  emma (with a small e) had mentioned that she had seen Bosse there.  I had seen him come from that direction on a few occasions, but had hoped he was not wondering THAT far away!  After placing fliers with Bosses picture in well over  a 100 mailboxes and on some of the bulletin boards in the village, we received calls.  A young woman had reportedly "hit" a cat by that description with her car.  We were guided to the spot where the accident occurred and sure enough, there he was our "explorer".  No mistaking those markings even though................

No, no one took the time to look for any I D markings, ( even though it is common to tattoo here ) so our helping was not in the cards.  Why did he wonder so far away? Why could he not have stayed in the near by fields hunting for mice?  Why did he have to be at the side of or on the road?

He was a cat with a super personality.  Shining coat, happy disposition, a joy to live with and love!  We miss him much.  Funny how such a small being can get so BIG. Ralle his best friend mourns him too. Somehow I still look for him at the glass door even though I KNOW he is not going to be there.

Farewell Bosse. Bet you found another world!  Yet you will be part of ours for a long time.

A tribute to a life well lived and loved.

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  1. What a lovely tribute. Karla and I were both touched by it. Very touching. Goodbye, Bosse.