Monday, August 29, 2011

Return to the Santa Teresa Hills

View of San Jose from the hills.
I wanted to hike the Santa Teresa Hills where our family had spent so much time riding horses and walking the dogs.  I also took Kellie, my grand daughter, up these hills in a child backpack when I was baby sitting her.  So one weekend Maria, Ray, Linnea, and I returned to these golden hills.

View of San Jose looking north towards the Bay.
I didn't realize that Maria had not been here since we left back in 1992.  Almost 20 years.  She said she didn't want to see how it may have all changed.  It was a great experience reminiscing about all the good times we had in these hills.  Maria was glad she finally returned.  Maria's daughter Linnea, the third generation, learned quite a few things about what her mother and I had experienced here.

View towards Morgan Hill.  Mount Hamilton observatory is covered by clouds.
Neta, Maria, and I walked our dogs here almost every day.  My dog, Chico, a rottweiler, and Silas, a Scottish deer hound, ran these hills.  There were deer, coyotes, skunk, wild turkeys, great owls, and much more.  I rode my horse, Santiago, a quarter horse palomino here.  Maria rode Chiquita, a morgan.  Neta rode Chip, a morgan thoroughbred cross.  Maria also rode Rysack, an arab on these hills.  Great times.

The house we lived in is the one with solar panels across the street from the red house.
There is a black SUV parked in front.
There was still a cattle ranch across the street from our house  at that time.  The old barns and house have since been restored.  The property has been taken over by the Santa Teresa Park of San Jose.  It is a now historic site.

I kept my horse at Warda's place.  You can just see the stables in the center of the picture.
The horses had the run of those hills.  I trained Santiago to come when I whistled for him.  He always had a few carrots waiting for him.  I still remember him running over the hills with the other horses towards the stables.  It was a sight to behold.

Ray, Maria, and Linnea
Looking South towards Santa Teresa park and the golf course.
Bonetti's, house in the trees next to the open field in the center of the picture.
Mr. Bonetti, a rancher back in the day, was a great influence to our family.  He graduated from Davis University and is the reason Maria decided to go there also.  I can't tell you of all the fond memories we have of him.  He was a mentor of sorts, especially for Maria.

Maria, Ray, and Linnea

It was a fine day.  We all had another great experience courtesy of the golden hills.

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