Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hollister Visit / Agility Training

Linnea and "Buddy"

I went with Linnea to her agility training with her dog Buddy.  It was quite an eye opener.  The course and all that is involved is quite difficult.

You have to be fast.

The dog not only has to be fast but you also have to be ahead of your dog to be able to give signals.

The dog also has to have the athletic ability and the intelligence to succeed in this sport.

The dog has to approach each obstacle from the correct side as marked by the blue cone.  This may seem easy but it depends on how close the obstacles are to each other and if the dog has to return around to enter the following obstacle.

The Airedale breed is not usually seen in this sport.

Border Collies are very often used in Agility competition.

It was a pleasure seeing them work together.

Buddy looking to Linnea for signals.  All in the training.

Don't count me out.

I can be just as graceful.

Almost ran into you.

That's better timing.

Mastering the teeter totter.

Good job Buddy

And good job Linnea.  A great bond is developed between the two.  It was great to behold.

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  1. What a wonderful time had by both. Especially when the run is finished, the dog doesn't slobber on you.

    Just kidding.