Thursday, August 25, 2011

A very wet summer = Mushrooms

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So they say, they who know.

Restaurants that usually make extra money during the summers here with their outdoor additions, putting tables and chairs out on the sidewalks (trottoaren) to serve their customers, have had a very meager season due to the bad weather. Not at all  the anticipated jingle in the cash registers.  This is something I read about in the newspaper, (no, I still have not cancelled it) and yes there are many who feel it has been too wet this summer.  We, David and I  do not have enough experience to offer an opinion on this verses other summers. I for one have not at all minded this summers weather.

The bonus is that  this wet weather brings an abundance of mushrooms to all these beautiful forests.  Those who know what they are doing are in their glory! Personally I have no clue. My Morbror (Uncle) Gunnar he was an expert, sad that I did not pay better attention when he was trying to teach me.  It did not seem important at the time.  If I had listened and learned, I too would be out there picking mushrooms.

As it is  I purchase my mushrooms at the local markets or the grocery stores instead.  I love mushrooms!  With all the varying textures and different tastes my special favorite is the Chanterelle / Kantarell with its bright yellow trumpets promising a flavor of apricot.  So delicious!  Unless one dries them or conserves them in any other manner,  the season for the fungi is short and the mushroom is at it's best right out woods then directly  out of the mushroom basket.

A really nice, quick, easy and tasty way to enjoy these little treasures is on top a slice of toasted country bread just as Tina Nordström suggests in her book "A Culinary Tour Of Sweden"

Saute one diced red onion and two heaping  cups of sliced cleaned Chanterelles in three tablespoons of butter adding rosemary to taste.  Cook on high heat about 5 - 7 minutes.  Core and thinly  slice a tart red or green apple,  and the zest from  half a lemon, adding this to the pan of  mushrooms, also adding  salt and pepper to taste along with  three heaping tablespoons of cream cheese stirring  until melted. ( Here we use Messmör a cheese made of whey from goat milk - difficult to find in the U S.  Cream cheese  lacks some of the tang but it works well too). Pile the mixture on four slices of the toasted bread and serve with a good beer!   Very  tasty indeed ...... Bon apetito !

What will I find next?

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