Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Seattle Visit

John's house in Seattle.
I flew into Seattle late Friday to spend the weekend with John.  It was great to see him and his family.
I had a great time catching up on all the goings on.  John put me to work right away helping him dig out a tree stump in his backyard and to level an area in his basement to lay down some stepping stones.  All this was in preparation for his 50th birthday party.

Seattle is a fantastic city.
On Saturday we went sightseeing.  The weather was great and the temp was in the 90's.  It was a wonderful day.

Some kids in the park playing songs from the Beatles.
Marivic, John, Haley (Kevin's girlfriend), and Kevin
There was music in the park and people enjoying the outdoors.  Seattle is a very friendly bicycle town.
A good time was had by everyone.

Seattle is a beautiful city.
John was on the phone with Fred our other son in Southern California.
Seattle would be a very nice city to live in.  The weather is very similar to that of Helsingborgs.  The people are very friendly and they are out and about no matter what the weather.

Some Seattleites having a grand old time on their boat.
Watching the seaplanes taking off and landing among all the boaters was exciting.
I told myself that on my next visit to Seattle I would take a sightseeing flight on one of those.  But, on a smaller plane than the one pictured above.  I want to get the full effect on taking off and landing on the water in a plane with pontoons.

Being silly.
It's always a fun time at John's house
I was treated to a great BBQ, went to a very nice Oaxaca Mexican restaurant, visited one of John's favorite local bars, and had good home cooked meals.  What's not to like.

It was too short of a visit.  Next time I will make it a point to spend more time here.  I flew out of Seattle on Monday morning to my next destination in Hollister, California to spend some time with Maria.

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