Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gad, Zukes and Summer Celebrations!

Looking at the "reading list" this past week, I am amused to see that our blog entry called "-20 degrees C" keeps showing up!  Kind of refreshing for us just to look at and remember..... here we have had three very warm days this week.  100 degrees F according to the thermometer, in the shade, by one of  our kitchen windows.  Yikes.  We have been running the air conditioner!  Something we are doing for the beautiful dog.  He who probably wishes it was - 20 degrees C.

The photographer had planned on spending part of the weekend taking pictures at the Rodeo.  The future Chef is riding in the parade that starts each performance this Rodeo weekend.  Her best friend is also the Rodeo Queen.  But, we contracted some sort of fever bug and sadly, the opportunity was missed;-(.   Home on the sofa, feeling like a lump on a log.

We are bracing for a long week.  The 4 of July is upon us once more, and with THE date falling in the middle of the week there will be firecrackers, fireworks and gunshots both this weekend AND  next plus on the 4th of course.  Ralle hates it!!

Next week end the Motorcycles are coming too!  Since the movie "The Wild One" with Marlon Brando there is a rally here in Hollister commemorating the event of the movie.  The  events that inspired the movie actually happened here in Hollister.  It, the biker rally,  has been an on again, off again event ever since.  Some people here love it since it brings bikers and onlookers to town!  Beer sales and food sales go off the charts.  But as with all things, some people hate it.  The one faction fights the other.  This year those who like the sound of cash and sliding credit cards won.  We will see how the town survives and what the consensus is when it is over.

Other than that there was a visit from the Seattle branch, a shopping trip to San Jose, dentist appointments, a lot of dog walks and good food.  The shortest branches along with their Mom will be heading to Sweden mid week.  My "bestest"  friend is already there, dusting off her wonderful summer place,  it seems somehow empty knowing they are so far away.  Yet,  we wish them a great and sunny summer!

The Zukes are upon us.  It is such fun to figure out what to do with this abundant veggie as Ray's garden is starting to crank them out.  He generously shares.  We gratefully receive.  Then cook them the long way, the short way, or not at all.

Thousands of various ways.

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