Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week Ends - Motorcycles - Old Cars - It's All a Blur

One EVENT after another.  One WEEKEND after another... they all flitter by!  This last one was labeled "The Hollister Street Fair and Car Show" or perhaps it was the other way around.

We took the time to check it out.

Cars, Cars and more Cars.  Pick Up Trucks

and the fogies who knew.... they were better back then.

The scary part is that I so well remember these......

there was a Ford Fairlane, Black, White, and Yellow parked outside my house.

Walking down the street we found these two beautiful ladies! The Betty Boop sisters ?

 Do they shop at the same store?;-)

At one end of the street we had a band playing music befitting the veteran car theme.

There were car radios playing Elvis Presley songs and there was Santana...

at the other end of San Benito Street,

there was classical music,

with the most adorable performers,

getting me all "choked up" with the Aaaahs and the Ooooohs!

There were planter boxes to admire...

VW buses to "drool" over,

the camera man always wanted one of those.

We walked past yards with flowers,

Checked out cars, some

we had never seen


There was a zucchini garden on our way back  to the car.  We had parked at the grocery store,

where....  well, you know how it is...  we needed to pick up

a few things,

for dinner!

Home we went,  to do what I so love to do.



  1. Alla de där gamla vräkiga bilarna, som fanns då, när vi var unga. Tänk så billig bensinen var då. Inte mycket dyrare än ett glas vatten.

  2. Fyllde tanken för 5 dollar.. men det var ju STORA pengar då!