Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How Empty It Feels

My beautiful Sheppshult is on it's way to Southern California!  In Sweden I felt like a queen riding that bike, how grateful I was to have such a fabulous bicycle ..... going  to Viken, to Höganäs, on the bike path towards Mölle, around and  behind Svedberg Kulle and other various places.  Now it will be used by another swedish biker, in another part of California.  That bike, just like our car (not to mention us) have  been "around"!

At this stage in my life and around this area, I have lost the nerve to ride that "sweet" bike and rather than just having it hanging around in our garage she has been given a new lease on life and will, hopefully, be used cruising along on both mountain roads and along the ocean!  May you merrily roll along.

We have managed  to live through another 4th of July!   It is not clear to me if it was harder or easier on Ralle than last year!  The constant POPPING of firecrackers, the "fabulous fireworks" and all that goes along with the 4th!  We have also had the motorcycle invasion in Hollister this weekend, with probably thousands of motor cycles and with all that Harley Davidson MC sound .... that is a lot of "another"  kind of pop pop pop!

The good news is we survived rather unscathed.  Ralle knows where he belongs and home is a SAFE place...... oh,  how I/We  adore this beautiful boy!

We have had a visit from the little havanese Tipster who is such a charmer.. he and Mister Kitty have learned to get along and  to play... pretty remarkable, dog, cat.... cat, dog behavior!

Trust -- Harmony -- Amazing!

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