Wednesday, June 26, 2013

so.... what's going on?

On a morning walk crossing the golf course by one of the ponds where we often see "all the ducks in a row" we came across this image with a flock of birds all lined up on fence, roof and weather vane.  The photographer snapped a picture at my request. It is NOT a good picture, even I realize that now...... however, here it is.

David went for a bike ride, passing pepper, lettuce and "strawberry fields forever",

past harvested hay fields

with bales waiting for stacking. Here you have a  typical picture of  "California, the Golden  State" with her golden beautiful hills.

Lunch..... Salmon Salad Nicoise!

A visit from our Veterinarian George McKay of Mount Madonna Veterinary Clinic.  He and his wife Gwen have a mobile clinic.  They are just fabulous!  We are still working on the Therapy Dog paper work....... Vet check done!

Rhubarb Extract?  Rabarber Saft sounds a lot better...... earning a top shelf position in the fridge.

Yum.  It looks so GOOD!

Mister Cat wondering what kind of "trouble" he might get into next? ^..^

Here the Vi'Skaly's Duo is keeping four eyes on the "hood"!

It was a warm Monday, we took the Ralle Dog to the beach for a walk, needing perhaps not a "Big Chill",  but a Cool Down.

There are loads of photo ops in Monterey,

such as a ground squirrel and a crow,

Lovers Point,

games in the park,

some seal watching and with luck, one might even see whales frolic out in the bay.  Currently there is a lot of whale and dolphin activity in Monterey Bay.  Our recent University Graduate has a summer job as an intern,  helping to count them.  Not a bad gig!

We managed a shot of a baby deer running down the street, desperately trying to keep up with Mom.

And as always, making friends.

Heading home....... tired dog in tow...... So,  there you have a  little bit of  "what's going on" making me think of the lyrics to an old  Marvin Gaye song.
Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your pup is beautiful. I'm partial to large breeds--once had a Saint Bernard named Rosie. The salad looks tasty!
    Michelle @Ms. enPlace