Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Always Something

No not quite the correct 49er color but it will have to do as a lead into: Oh NO, they did not win! We had a great time however.... a get together that has been kept "alive" for 31 years.  We have missed many a Super Bowl Sunday Game, having skipped the country or having lived too far away. But, Hey....  we are BACK in the fold, spent a grand time at the San Jose gathering yesterday!  Oh the food!

A Super Bowl Food Fest Extraordinaire!  Mesquite grilled fillet of beef, baked potato, scallops, shrimp, Taco Bar, Margarita Slush, Lemon Mousse to die for and much much more.  Aaah the extravagance!  We skyped with family members far away, texted with some and squeezed the ones in attendance.  Who cared if the San Francisco 49ers won or lost..... well sorry I take that back.  Kellie did, that is true!

and yea, this obviously much loved, well cared for old El Camino is nice too!

Our neighborhood is getting spruced up with gardeners busy pruning and trimming.  Walking past this guy high up above the roof line on that tall rickety ladder, toting a big chain saw we hoped he was cutting the correct branch.  Yikes!  Am sure he was not following ANY  OSHA regulations;(

The kids at the school bus stop are always up for a Ralle cuddle while waiting to board the bus.

Blue Jays like blue jewels in the shrubs,

sand  trap sculptures

and an evening stroll.  Our ordinary daily activities are NEVER ordinary!

With a lovely sunset,

walking past the lonely black swan,

strolling past fun and fancy radio controlled toys

in the air,

 sad and lonely "Lost and Found" toys on display on a fence post.

Canadian Geese taking

time for a rest,

after who knows how long a flight?

Yard art.

NO Crows allowed

if Ralle has something to say about it!

And "Good Evening Bridget"!  "Good walk"?

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